Instant two-way communication that brings teams together

Zipline’s Groups is a trusted place for dialogue, discussion, and debate that drives efficiency and boosts engagement

"Zipline allowed us to create connectedness amongst a dispersed population of employees."

Kacie Ulsh, Director of Field Experience

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Real-time collaboration
Real peace of mind

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Groups aren’t made for the day-to-day realities of running a retail business. They’re also not enterprise-grade. Zipline’s Groups lets your teams interact the way they want to, without the legal risks of unsanctioned tools, obscene content, and ex-employees.

Communication at the speed of retail

Instantly reach any employee – all the way down to hourly, frontline associates – through one-to-one messaging. Or, create message groups to help store managers and teams collaborate, share information, and celebrate wins. Groups is a true digital workplace for every single retail employee in your organization.

Improve internal communication, right from the sales floor

Groups works on any mobile device, tablet, or computer, so your field teams can keep in touch wherever they are. Still clinging to email? We’ve got you covered: Groups email integrations are easy to set up (no IT involvement needed) so your HQ teams take part in the conversation without logging into a separate tool.

Messages & Tasks

Our flagship product that started it all. A retail task management solution, planning calendar, and internal communications portal in one.

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Resource Library

More than a document management solution, it’s a brandable home for live-long policies, videos, training modules, and more (with search that actually works).

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An info-gathering tool that can flex with your complex org chart. Powerfully simple, no training required.

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Effortless store audits that help track behavior over time. Stop checking boxes and start coaching.

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See how Zipline can retool your retail.