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With Zipline as your single source of truth, getting work done happens in half the time. Take a look at the ways best-in-class retailers reap the rewards of Zipline.

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Increase business efficiency & revenue

In a tight retail economy, every second counts. Winning brands can quickly adjust to changing customer needs and turn on a dime. How quickly can you align your stores behind a last-minute promo change?

With Zipline, stores and HQ operate in sync, ensuring new initiatives are rolled out quickly and correctly. Field teams receive communications in an orderly way. They have a single source of truth and know where to go for answers. As a result, when HQ tells them to Zig, they do. In fact, Zipline customers see next-day store execution rates well above 90%.

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Less time to
launch key initiatives

Improve store execution

From POS implementations to AI-powered inventory models, almost all large retailers are in the midst of a transformative technology upgrade (or three). So why do most still struggle with rollouts in stores? Disconnected communication.

Zipline dramatically improves in-store technology implementations by ensuring that everyone is aware of the initiative, aligned as to why it’s a priority, and understands their role in the process. With Zipline, brands drive accountability and ensure that training is completed on-time - so you can see the return on your technology investment, faster (and keep those POS rollouts rolling out).

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Zipline customers average
over 90% execution rate

Boost frontline engagement

Employees feel motivated when they understand how the work they do impacts the goals of their company. A store greeter isn’t just saying hello. Rather, he’s a brand ambassador that knows that when customers are greeted within seconds of entering the store, they’re more likely to buy.

By combining communications and task management, Zipline helps employees see how their workload is part of the bigger picture. Zipline provides the information and context people need to make good decisions and helps them understand how those decisions affect business goals. As a result, employees are happier in their jobs - and stay with the company longer.

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Zipline customers' associate turnover
vs 65% market average

Improve onboarding & training

Frontline associates are being asked to do more than ever before. They're now shipping merchandise from stores, supporting customers with BOPIS, processing online returns - in addition to doing their day-to-day jobs. An effective learning strategy can help to enhance the frontline retail associate experience.

By streamlining retail training processes and delivering learning concepts in snack-sized portions, Zipline helps distill messages so that they better resonate with employees, and so that employees can retain them more easily.

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