To ensure success tomorrow, you have to keep today on track.

Zipline helps your teams:

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Get clarity and context into everything that needs to be read and accomplished, from today’s tasks to next week’s promotion, all in a single, easy-to-use mobile platform.

Connect More

Get conversations, community, and feedback loops that help employees connect with their co-workers, the brand, and most importantly, their ‘why’.

Do More

Get a “built for retail, by retail” solution that engages your teams, drives operational efficiency, automates manual processes, and enables employees to work more effectively.

Zipline isn’t just store ops’ most loved product. It’s also the favorite of store teams.

Zipline isn’t just store ops’ most loved product. It’s also the favorite of store teams.

Market leader across five categories

“Zipline is the best communications platform out there for messaging, readership, and execution.”

Industry-leading innovation

“Zipline keeps exceeding my expectations – year after year!”

Voted easiest to use & best usability

“Zipline is super intuitive to start using, from the associate level up to the admin level.”

What you can achieve with Zipline

Increase business efficiency & revenue

How quickly can you align your stores behind a last-minute promo change? With Zipline, business-driving decisions manifest in stores faster, increasing efficiency and revenue.

Improve store execution

See the return on your in-store investments skyrocket (and keep those POS rollouts rolling out) with execution rates above 90%.

Boost frontline engagement

By combining communications and task management, Zipline helps employees see how their workload is part of the bigger picture.

Improve onboarding & training

Give frontline teams microlearning opportunities to shorten onboarding time and increase their confidence.

“Zipline gives our teams the communication they need to service our customers the right way - and right away.”

District Director, The Container Store

“If I had to describe Zipline in one word, it would be transformational.”

Market Store Director, Festival Foods

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