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Connect Zipline to all the systems your frontline already uses with an open API and pre-built integrations.

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Zipline integrates seamlessly with leading systems frontline teams rely upon for human resources, workforce management, content management, employee resource management, learning management and analytics, among others – creating a one-stop-shop for every frontline worker.

Workforce Management

Bring schedule data into the Zipline dashboard, so managers can see who is currently working, who’s scheduled, and when their shifts start and end without leaving the sales floor. Zipline’s clock-in/clock-out integration enables your hourly employees to clock in and out of their shifts, right from the Zipline interface. Disable hourly employees’ access to Zipline content and features when they are off the clock using Zipline’s Clock Content Control.

Learning & Development

Training an army of frontline workers is hard. And ensuring that every team member is up to date with your most recent L&D material, compliance training, and development programs is even harder. That’s why we made it easy to integrate Zipline with your LMS.

Having visibility to course execution helps employees meet compliance standards, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information for success in the workplace. Through the Learning Dashboard Widget we make course execution a self-monitorable, easy, up-to-date experience.

Business Intelligence

Zipline’s integration capabilities can help you deliver data to the people who need it. Securely bring data out of Zipline and into your existing third-party BI tools to get a complete picture of what’s happening in the field. Or, integrate Zipline workflows with your third-party BI tools to deliver actionable communications, automatically.

Customer Experience

Customer feedback is only valuable when it’s actionable. Zipline’s ability to synthesize data from your CX platform means store-facing tasks can be generated in real-time, based on a location’s recent customer insights.

Our CX Dashboard Widget connects directly to your customer feedback tools, serving up timely data in a way that’s accessible and digestible. Your field employees can detect patterns, get to know their customers, and predict behavior to help drive brand loyalty at scale – all without leaving the Zipline interface.

Service Desk

Zipline integrates with service desk systems to surface pending work orders directly on a store’s dashboard. Store employees no longer need to continuously monitor their service desk system and can instead focus on servicing customers. And HQ teams no longer need to send reminder communications to store teams to confirm, of give feedback on, completed service.

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