About Us

For retail, by retail. Meet Zipline

We’re a group of former retail professionals here to transform how retail operates with software and know-how that enables best-in-class brands to be amazing.

Our Mission

To transform how retail operates by making it easier for employees to do their jobs. To go beyond being a tool for communication and store execution and build a path for field workers to be more successful throughout their lives.

Retail helps people & communities grow

As the largest private-sector employer in America, retail provides freedom that other careers do not. It gives people the flexibility to develop their education or spend time taking care of family. It's also the ideal launching ground as a "first job" for nearly 25% of the population.

Retail workers are still underserved

Despite making up half of all consumer spending, retail jobs tend to be low-wage. Retail workers are disproportionately women (48%) and disproportionately people of color (33%).

We believe Zipline can help

With the growing divide between the haves and have nots, we’re proud to play a role in giving retail workers, of which there are 29M in the US, a way to succeed. We help them learn, grow and showcase their talents.

Better Understanding

We help frontline workers cut through the clutter and understand the role they play in the success of the company. They feel more connected and can take ownership of responsibilities.

More Time

Zipline helps employees streamline their work so it’s easier to accomplish. GMs and DMs are able to spend less time following up on issues and more time enjoying their families.

Simplicity and Ease

Straightforward and uncomplicated, Zipline is centered around clear communication. Store associates always have context, accountability and the ability to provide feedback.

What We Believe

Zipline isn’t just software – it’s a better way of communicating.
Our platform enables best-in-class communication strategies throughout your organization.

Everybody on the same page

Zipline aligns your organization from top to bottom. Everyone is focused on the same goal and knows their individual timing, expectations and instructions. There’s no conflicting information or priorities. It’s the model of efficiency.

Single source of truth

Zipline is a one-stop-shop for stores. We bring all of your stores’ messages and tasks together, and then serve them up as personalized and targeted daily checklists, calendars and newsletters. Say goodbye to binders, text threads and email chains.

Context is everything

By bringing messages and tasks together, Zipline connects what your stores need to know with what they need to do. Your teams see how their work supports the larger picture and have context that enables them to be better store leaders. Happiness flows from the bottom up and top down.