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“It’s great to be able to benchmark our communications strategies and technology against other retailers. Before using Zipline, we might have scored a 3 or 4, but now our team is fully empowered and speeding toward Best-in-Class.”

– Eric Wardian, Manager- Store Communications, Pacsun

How are you helping your field leaders, store managers, and frontline employees bring your brand to life for customers? How much more could your teams achieve? And how do you get there?

Zipline’s Store Enablement Assessment measures the effectiveness of your approach across three key areas – your people strategies, your communication process, and your technology platforms – then gives you actionable next steps on your journey towards best-in-class store execution.

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What’s included in your results?

Your overall Store Enablement Maturity Score.

Your store enablement maturity score is calculated using Zipline’s unique store enablement maturity model. We created this model based on insights from our own retail customers, data gathered from our State of Store Comms report, as well as the combined store communication and retail leadership experience of our own employees. The model is the first of its kind, with six maturity levels ranging from “legacy” to “best-in-class,” so you can benchmark your placement against the rest of the retail industry.

Insights into opportunities across People, Processes, and Technology.

Discover how far your organization can go to unleash the full potential of a fully empowered, aligned, and agile frontline workforce. Benchmark your current communication process against other retailers and learn strategies to increase your impact. Dive deep into the platforms and feature sets that really matter – so you can prioritize your team’s technology roadmap and drive results, faster.

Recommendations to help you grow.

We’ll provide concrete strategies and time-tested tips that will elevate your current strategies and help you make the most of the team and resources you have. Learn how our unique approach to employee engagement can transform your frontline teams into an aligned, empowered, and connected group of brand advocates. Master the 9 components of a best-in-class store comms strategy, discover what makes an effective store enablement technology stack, and much more!

Take the 10 minute assessment