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Stop compiling spreadsheets and start understanding your business. With Zipline, you get real-time insight into your teams’ progress on key tasks and initiatives, so you can take action before missteps impact the bottom line. Dashboards are targeted to every individual: DMs aren’t drowning in data, and Heads of Stores see exactly how their stores are tracking on that latest promotion. Plus, Zipline collects valuable qualitative feedback, too – so you can understand the story behind the numbers, faster.

Data that helps make decisions

Zipline’s Operational Health Dashboard gives HQ and field leaders a high level understanding of readership, store execution, and engagement. In one place, they can see what has been communicated, who has received the message, and which tasks have been completed.

Keep the feedback flowing

Powerful survey capabilities allow HQ teams to gather feedback from frontline workers about everything from customer satisfaction to promotional effectiveness. It’s like having an ear to the ground in every single store.

Democratize insights across platforms

Integrating Zipline to your business intelligence platform allows you to sync communication and task management data, giving you the ability to make more informed decisions.

I would have had [Zipline] year one … We are such a better company because of how we communicate today.”

Randy Edeker, CEO & President of Hy-Vee

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