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Unlock productivity and achieve operational excellence with a single app for frontline and management teams to access tasks, communications, store audits, training, and evergreen content. With Zipline, grocery store employees can easily access location and departmental updates, conduct store walks, and communicate with individuals or teams from any connected device.

Store Audits:

Forget spreadsheets, emails and clipboards. Now grocery store and department leaders can access store audit functionality directly from their mobile device to ensure compliance and consistency at every location. Store walks and inspections feel effortless.

Task Management:

Free up time and give your grocery frontline workers confidence that they are working on the tasks that will make them and their store successful. No more sifting through emails or creating to-do lists.


Stop inundating your department managers with hundreds of emails. Zipline creates a holistic communications one-stop-shop for grocery teams. You can easily create and distribute the right information to the right employees at the right time, understand who’s reading what, and receive real time feedback from frontline workers as you roll out key business initiatives.

Resource Library:

Give frontline employees easy access to handbooks, SOPs planograms, product information, and more – all in the palm of their hand. Zipline’s consumer-grade search intelligently scrapes all content so teams can pull up information in seconds without memorizing a complicated folder structure.

Completing this walkthrough in Zipline is 3,000 times faster than it was before! Well, in reality, it may not be exactly 3,000 times faster, but a walkthrough that used to take 3 hours to complete now only takes 25 minutes.❞

Store Operations Director, Festival Foods

I would have had [Zipline] year one … We are such a better company because of how we communicate today.❞

Randy Edeker, CEO & President of Hy-Vee

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