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The Zipline platform brings together frontline communications, task management, learning, resources, insights, and more – so everyone feels connected to the brand and inspired by their work. Now you can keep today on track.

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Born out of retail, Zipline helps brands across a variety of industries reach their full potential. Now distributed workforce no longer means disconnected workforce.

Working with us

When you join the Zipline family, you get more than just amazing software. You get the industry’s best service and support. Every implementation includes a named account manager, access to a community of the best and brightest in the industry, in-app support via a lightning fast chat module... and much more.


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All the teams. All the tasks. All the time zones. From headquarters to the frontline, Zipline makes getting work done easy for everybody.

Store Leaders

With so many messages coming from different HQ teams - and so many different places to look - it’s difficult to understand and prioritize what needs to get done. With Zipline’s intuitive dashboard, store leaders can understand exactly what’s on their team’s plate for the busy day ahead.

Frontline Associates

No access to the back office? No problem. Part-time frontline workers can review messages and watch videos right from the sales floor using their mobile device or store tablets.

District Managers

Whether they’re on the road, in a store, or working from the office, DMs always have access to real-time mobile-friendly reporting that shows exactly how their stores are tracking on recent tasks.

Store Communications

With Zipline, content creators spend less time fighting formatting and wrangling distribution lists and more time producing meaningful work. What used to take twenty minutes now takes a single click.

Human Resources

Thanks to Zipline, HR professionals can ensure that all employees, regardless of location or role, are given the information they need to be in compliance with critical policies and following mandated procedures.


Big, revenue-driving ideas only matter if they’re correctly executed in the stores. Zipline drives store execution rates above 90%, so you can feel confident that every employee understands how to bring the company vision to life.


Ready to keep your stores on track with Zipline? Our powerful, scalable solution works for teams of any size.

Based on store count

We want Zipline in the hands of all retailers so we price based on the economics of your business. Whether you have 200 stores or 20,000 stores, no one gets left in the dark.

Centered around products

Build around your communications needs. Choose the modules that make the most sense for your budget.

Suited to your needs

Every brand is different. We tailor your package based on the features you need and the level of service you desire.

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