Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement | June 28, 2021

Retail Pride 2021

Check out what these incredible brands have done to celebrate Pride 2021!

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Employee Engagement | June 10, 2021

To Tony Hurst, Lowe’s Canada CEO, it’s All About Associates

In the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, one retail category in particular emerged victorious: the home improvement store.

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Employee Engagement | May 7, 2021

Why Retail Turnover Rates are So High and How to Improve Them

Every employer is concerned with minimizing turnover, but that’s especially true in the retail sector, where turnover often exceeds 60%, compared to just 15% across the rest of the U.S. economy. So why are retail turnover rates so high, and what can we do about it?

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Employee Engagement | April 14, 2021

Future Stores’ Virtual Event Highlights the Importance of Empowering Retail Employees

2020 brought it all. The “new normal,” the “unprecedented times,” were all phrases that shaped a new era of retail. 2021 has brought a new wave of challenges, and the retail community is still leading the charge of the future of retail.If you’re a retailer in today’s environment, you’re likely exploring strategies that will entice customers to get off of their couch to arrive at your curb. We’re seeing more emerging trends in how customers are spending their time in retail environments. As omni-channel retail continues to build momentum, retailers have to provide a distinctive but consistent experience to get consumers to their stores, make them comfortable, and encourage purchases.At the Future Stores Virtual Event yesterday, we joined countless conversations with industry changemakers who are focused on creating a seamless customer experience. These are our top takeaways from the conversations that we had at this interactive event.

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Employee Engagement | April 8, 2021

Why is Employee Engagement Important for a Retail Company’s Success?

With countless shopping options available, brick-and-mortar retailers need to perfect the in-person customer experience to stay competitive. And we know that customer experience is inextricably linked with the employee experience. 
To reach customers, retailers should first focus on increasing engagement among their frontline store employees.
Studies tell us that only 29% of direction that is sent to stores from HQ is actually executed correctly. This is because most frontline workers haven’t been given the tools they need to be successful. This is why it is so important to connect what store employees need to know and what they need to do in a way that provides context and enables them to make better decisions. 
The good news is that we built Zipline with a real understanding of the challenges that retail companies face. We know how important it is to cut the clutter and the noise so that your retail communications can drive employee accountability and empower flawless store execution. ‍

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Employee Engagement | March 30, 2021

Ways to Empower your Frontline Workers

We know that happy employees = happy customers. When we partnered with Coyle Hospitality Group to conduct a study to explore the experience of shoppers and employees in today’s retail environment, we weren’t surprised about the correlation between engagement and execution. 
We’ve seen first-hand how companies that have strengthened their messaging and communications see increased engagement, better store execution, and increased cost savings. Bringing your retail brand to life means aligning the organization, from HQ to the storefront. Since we know that employee happiness drives better store engagement, Zipline customers prioritize people-first communication that promotes engagement across entire teams.
Here are a few ways that you can empower your employees and align your team. ‍

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Employee Engagement | January 22, 2021

Stop communicating with your stores… Start communicating with your people.

At Retail Zipline, we understand how important good communication is to creating a memorable customer experience. And empowering retailers to create great in-store customer experiences is what gets us going each and every morning and keeps us charged throughout the day. That’s why we jumped at the chance to partner with Coyle Hospitality Group to conduct a study to explore the experience of shoppers and employees in today’s retail environment. We went into the study looking to understand how consumers felt about holiday shopping and whether retailers were providing a festive shopping experience amid pandemic, but we found MUCH juicier insights. Want to see? Read on...

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Employee Engagement | May 15, 2020

How to Help Your Store Associates Deal with Change

In early February, more than a month before COVID-19 became a household name, Forbes published an article titled, How To Fight Change Fatigue With Better Internal Communications. The article was written by Elizabeth Baskin, CEO and Executive Creative Director at Tribe, Inc. The article is particularly pertinent to retail companies today that are dealing with Covid-19-related challenges, such as constantly changing policies and new health guidelines for retail stores.

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Employee Engagement | November 6, 2019

How Product Knowledge Affects Sales Execution

Brick-and-mortar customers are looking for something they couldn’t get online. Often, that’s deep product knowledge, and store employees need to be ready.

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Employee Engagement | October 25, 2019

The BYOD Deep Dive

Wondering if you should allow BYOD in your retail stores? It’s already there. Here’s what you need to know.

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Employee Engagement | September 18, 2019

The Role of the Modern Store Communications Team

A well-organized store comms team armed with the right tools can be the key to better retail execution.

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Employee Engagement | August 8, 2019

Best Practices for Boosting Retail Employee Engagement

Engaged employees lead to profitable companies. Try these 5 tips to help increase engagement among store employees.

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Employee Engagement | May 21, 2019

Lessons on Employee Engagement

Other industries have addressed employee engagement in creative ways.

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Employee Engagement | September 19, 2018

Why Investing in Employee Engagement is the Key to Great In-Store Execution

Employee engagement is one of the key factors that keeps turnover low while leading to great execution.

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