For Retail… And Beyond?

Why store communication best practices aren’t just for stores anymore

July 13, 2022

Digital solutions and innovations have truly disrupted the way that we shop (and still continue to). But the impact doesn’t end with the way we shop. We’ve been living in a digital renaissance, from the way we bank, to the way we order lunch, to the way we care for our pets.

There is no doubt that this transformation, whether mandated by COVID responses or just a result of continuous innovation, has impacted every customer service-centric industry. And with multi-industry transformation comes multi-industry challenges. It isn’t just retail that has faced global talent crunches, increasing turnover, and inconsistent execution.

The great news is that we’ve seen, firsthand, how streamlining communication and task management, creating feedback loops, and providing a single source of truth creates truly aligned organizations, engaged workforces, and better overall execution. 

In short: when you get everyone on the same page, everything runs smoothly. 

That’s where we come in. Zipline helps all types of brands align their entire fleet, top to bottom. When everybody’s on the same page, business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Here are 6 examples of non-retail industries that could benefit from a streamlined communication and execution platform just like Zipline:


Banking has been at the forefront of the modernization of seamless customer experiences. “Smart banks” and “ITMs” and increased online self-service might be the bleeding edge of banking tech, leading bank leaders to reimagine the role of store locations. Yet physical bank branches are still extremely relevant for face-to-face conversations, higher-touch transitions, and developing trust within a community. The reality is that consumers want both. 

This is the bank branch of the future—a seamless blend of the digital and physical customer experience, combining tech with a human touch. As with their peers in the retail industry, traditional banks have faced strong competition from their online counterparts and have lots of questions about the value of physical locations.

Today’s banking customers want more than lightning-fast access to their money. Whether visiting a neighborhood branch or using an app on their mobile phone, customers are looking for institutions they can trust. The best way to build that trust? A team of engaged and informed employees.

Learn more about how Zipline empowers bank branches. 


Technology is dominating industries everywhere, and pet care companies are no exception. From telemedicine to powerful new AI and imaging technology, there are countless new digital tools to connect staff to pet owners. Unfortunately, veterinarian clinics are not immune to the labor shortage. 

While veterinary technology continues to improve, veterinary workers are still largely underserved. Zipline takes the barrage of messages and tasks that animal healthcare professionals are bombarded with and makes them succinct, digestible, and actionable. The right people get the right information at the right time.

Competing solutions were designed for office workers on desktop – not lab workers, vet techs, receptionists, or doctors. So we built a solution that works for today’s constantly changing pet care businesses.


The hospitality industry faced a volatile few years, and we’re finally in a period of  recovery. Hotel operations are benefiting from upward trending travel readiness, as well as a steady increase in business travel. But even while recuperating, the hospitality industry is not immune to the labor shortage. Hotels everywhere are trying to implement new technologies with fewer workers. Consumers and travelers expect brands to keep up with the speed of digitalization, but quickly adopting new technologies across complex hierarchies while also providing a consistent customer experience is a daunting task.

Zipline understands the unique pressures hospitality organizations are facing today and ensures that everyone in the field has the information, context, and tools needed to be successful in their particular roles. Read more about how Zipline is the hospitality lifeline.

Food Service

Whether it’s a chain of fast-casual restaurants, coffee shops, or quick-serve locations, restaurant leaders are facing a multitude of challenges: increased customer expectations, stronger health and safety regulations, a rising cost of supplies, and high turnover.

As if it wasn’t enough for consumer behaviors to change at the speed of lightning throughout the last few years, the food service industry is facing crushing operating and variable costs. And they’re tackling it while going more and more digital, dealing with shutdowns, and you guessed it- ongoing labor woes. We’ve all seen the signs at our local eateries and favorite fast food joints posting desperate calls for new hires with extremely enticing hourly wages and sign-on bonuses. 

And let’s face it – working in the food service industry is not exactly glamorous. Just like their counterparts in retail, food service frontlines are being held to a high standard of customer service, all while having to manage the most difficult customer interactions. In retail, we found that 64% of retail employees had noticed an uptick in verbally aggressive or confrontational customers during the pandemic, and we’re willing to bet that in food service, that number would be even higher. (After all, imagine how the shoppers who are combative about their BOPIS purchase would behave when getting their hands on a curbside meal order)

As food service leaders make in-restaurant improvements to enhance the customer experience, they also need to consider making similar investments to streamline communication with their employees, create a better work environment and ensure associates feel valued and heard.

That’s why Zipline brings every facet of the restaurant business together in one personalized, prioritized platform.

Read more about how Zipline provides 360 degrees of visibility into 100% of what needs to get done in food service.


Retail pharmacies are more than just stores: They’re the heart of local communities. Every day, frontline pharmacy employees deliver trusted care, essential products, and vital prescriptions to millions of people worldwide, guiding them on the path to better health.

With total organizational alignment, workers operate in a more informed and effective way: they feel more connected to the brand’s mission, understand what’s expected of them, and are more successful in their jobs. In turn, the organization achieves greater business success and fulfills their vision of supplying unmatched customer service by happy employees.

That’s why Zipline organizes action items in real-time, freeing up pharmacists from the administrative headache of tracking to-dos and giving them time back to do what they do best: engage with customers.

Learn more about the ultimate one-stop shop for pharmacy teams.

And more!

Retail is not just where we started, it’s also the gold standard for field organizations, and Zipline works for even the most complex field hierarchies. We’re already working with construction companies, hospitality companies, and nonprofits. It’s a really exciting time to be at Zipline! (Check out how PrīmX, an innovative industrial concrete company, leverages Zipline!)

Our secure, cloud-based solution helps engage and empower employees in every market, at every location. With Zipline, you can connect your field teams to your brand vision like never before, increasing compliance and decreasing turnover.

Zipline is on a mission to transform the lives of frontline workers and align organizations – from convenience stores to banks to distribution centers, and beyond.  Zipline’s feature-set and communication philosophy ultimately transcends industry.

Reach out to learn more about how you can improve vital communication between your operations team and your branch employees, veterinary staff, hourly associates, servers, pharmacists, and more.

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