How To Convince Your Boss to Send You to Summer Camp

Why You Can't Miss Zipline Summer Camp 2024 – And How to Get Your Boss on Board

April 22, 2024

Are you ready to shake up your retail comms strategy? Zipline’s Summer Camp is calling your name! From June 10-12, 2024, we’re bringing together our customer community in Nashville, TN, for three days packed with insights, connections, and real retail magic. 

This invite-only event is an exclusive chance to dive deep into what makes Zipline tick, learn from the best in the biz, and walk away inspired. 

Learn more about Summer Camp here!

But we know conferences cost money and take time away from day-to-day business priorities. If you’re wondering how to join us, we’ve compiled some tips on how to pitch it to your boss.

Why Zipline Summer Camp is the Highlight of the Year:

We like to think of Summer Camp not just as a conference, but as a yearly dose of inspiration and practical know-how. Imagine sitting down with folks who speak your language—retail comms!—and sharing stories, challenges, and wins. 

But it’s not all talk; at Summer Camp, we get hands-on with workshops, product sneak peeks, and sessions that will light up your to-do list with ideas that really work. It’s about coming together to learn and laugh, pushing our stores—and ourselves—to new heights.

But Here’s the Catch – Convincing Your Boss:

Asking for time and resources to attend a professional development event can seem daunting. But with the right approach, you can make a persuasive case. Here’s how:

Step 1: Do Your Homework 

First, make sure you know the key details about Summer Camp so you’ll be able to quickly rattle them off to your boss!

  • Dates & format: Summer Camp is happening June 10-12, 2024, in Nashville, TN. It’s a blend of keynotes, breakouts, and networking opportunities.
  • Who will be there: This event has a reputation as a must-attend for leading retail comms and ops professionals. Past attendees have come from leading brands like Sephora, L.L.Bean, Visionworks, and PacSun.
  • Must-See Sessions: Standout sessions – like the product deep dive with Zipline’s product team – give a behind the scenes glimpse into what Zipline is working on next.

Step 2: Tailor Your Agenda

Next, identify sessions and speakers that align with your organization’s goals:

  • During your next touch base with your Zipline Account Manager, ask to review the current Summer Camp agenda.
  • Together, highlight sessions that tackle current challenges or objectives within your company. For example, if driving employee engagement is a priority, pinpoint sessions focused on that theme.
  • Ask your Account Manager what other Zipline customer brands may have experienced similar challenges or tackled similar goals. Are representatives from those brands attending the conference?

Step 3: Highlight the Benefits

Practice articulating the specific advantages of attending Summer Camp, tying the conversation back to your company’s goals – and your personal goals, too. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Organizational Impact: “Participating in the [insert name] session will equip me with actionable strategies to improve team efficiency, positively affecting our customer service and sales.”
  • Personal Development: “Joining the [insert name] workshop means I’ll be better prepared to leverage Zipline’s capabilities to our advantage, ensuring we remain competitive.”
  • Networking Opportunities: “Interacting with peers from brands like [insert brand name] offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and bring innovative practices back to our team.”

Step 4: Draft a Convincing Request

Prepare a comprehensive request that includes:

  • An overview of the conference, highlighting its relevance and the value it brings.
  • A detailed itinerary of your planned sessions and the expected takeaways.
  • A budget breakdown, emphasizing the conference’s cost-effectiveness, given its free admission.
  • A plan for how you’ll share your learnings with the team and manage your responsibilities while away.

A Handy Tool Just for You:

We understand that sometimes the hardest part of getting to Summer Camp is just getting the green light. That’s why we’ve pre-drafted a handy Summer Camp travel approval letter for our customers to download, edit, and send off as needed. 

This letter is designed to include all the information your organization might need to officially incorporate Summer Camp into your 2024 plans.

Download Your Summer Camp Approval Letter in the Zipline Community Center

Don’t let paperwork stand in the way of a transformative experience. With this letter in hand, you’re ready to take the final step towards joining us in Nashville. 

We’re excited to see you there and can’t wait to share all that Zipline’s Summer Camp has to offer!

Not yet a Zipline Customer?

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