Four Ways that The Container Store Builds a Culture of Engagement

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July 5, 2023

Last week, the Zipline team had the opportunity to join our friends at The Container Store for a quick tour of the Coppell, Texas HQ, and nearby retail stores. 

It’s impossible not to feel instantly at ease in the Container Store’s aisles filled with neatly organized and thoughtfully curated merchandise. But beyond the endless possibilities of decluttering, organizing, and finding unique products that you never knew existed is an unforgettable team of employees. 

As a leading retailer known for its unique products and in-store experiences, The Container Store has the formula down for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We’re blown away by how specialists on the frontlines consistently create authentic experiences that make customers feel elevated, empowered, motivated, and above all – organized.

So, what’s their secret? Here are four ways that The Container Store builds a strong employee culture, creates an excellent shopping experience, and keeps everything organized.

Communication Is Leadership

At The Container Store, effective communication is not just an afterthought; it is deeply ingrained in the brand’s leadership values. 

“Communication is key to great leadership. But what is great communication? At The Container Store, we believe communication must be consistent, reliable, predictable, effective, thoughtful, compassionate, and yes, even courteous,” according to the brand ethos. “It’s a two-way street that demands active listening, and it’s a high standard. But it ensures that we share information not only with those who need to know, but with everyone who will benefit from knowing. This “whole-brained” approach results in people at every level being leaders and contributing great ideas.”

The company understands that empowering their specialists to make a difference in the lives of customers starts with empowering their employees. By fostering an environment of open and regular communication, The Container Store ensures that every team member stays connected with one another, the brand, and their shared purpose. 

This sense of connection and community among employees creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for customers, making The Container Store their happy place.

Each Employee is Essential

The Container Store recognizes the value and importance of every employee in their organization. 

They believe in bringing out the best in each individual and creating a culture of authenticity that cannot be manufactured. By celebrating the uniqueness and strengths of their team members, The Container Store fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. 

“Fundamentally, the most important thing for us at the Container Store is engagement, engagement, engagement,” said President & CEO, Satish Malhotra at NRF 2023

Through community-building activities and feedback loops, employees are encouraged to share their ideas, successes, and best practices, creating a supportive network within stores and across locations. This camaraderie and healthy competition contribute to a positive and engaged workforce.

Create an Air of Excitement

The Container Store not only offers products to organize customers’ lives but also creates an engaging and exciting in-store experience. The brand understands the importance of reducing noise and distractions, allowing store teams to stay connected with their purpose. That’s why creating an “Air of Excitement” is one of the core foundational principles of The Container Store.

By keeping employees engaged and connected, The Container Store enables them to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. 

“From the energy in our stores to discovering something new online, to the buzz on our social channels, our customers experience an Air Of Excitement every time they interact with The Container Store,” says the brand site. “It’s one of the main reasons they consider us their happy place, and every employee is directly responsible for it. Whether a customer is calling in about an order, engaging with us on social, visiting us in-store, or working with a designer virtually, they can sense when specialists are having fun, when they love their jobs and are excited about helping them. It’s an attitude that’s contagious, and it makes for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.”

Through effective communication channels, team members can celebrate successes, share creative solutions, and maintain a sense of excitement about their work. This contagious enthusiasm spreads throughout the organization and ultimately enhances the overall customer experience.

Organized at Every Level

True to its core mission, The Container Store believes in practicing what it preaches. Organizing is not just limited to products; it extends to all aspects of the business. The Container Store recognizes that effective communication and organization go hand in hand. 

By utilizing Zipline, the brand ensures that stores and headquarters operate in sync, enabling the seamless rollout of promotions, changes, and initiatives. This streamlined communication and coordination improve performance, productivity, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. With a single source of truth and clear channels for information, employees can respond quickly and execute new initiatives efficiently.

The Container Store’s success lies not only in its meticulously organized products but also in its commitment to cultivating an engaged and empowered workforce. By prioritizing effective communication, recognizing the value of each employee, creating an air of excitement, and staying organized in all aspects of the business, The Container Store continues to delight customers and inspire others in the retail industry.


At Zipline, we’re proud to partner with brands like The Container Store and prioritize employee engagement. We love the brand’s efforts in spreading joy, empowerment, and organization! (Plus, have you seen those adorable dachshund sticky notes?!)

In a tight retail economy, every second counts. Winning brands can quickly adjust to changing customer needs and turn on a dime. How quickly can you align your stores behind a last-minute promo change? Schedule some time to find out why over 75 best-in-class brands just like The Container Store use Zipline to keep today on track! 

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