How Visionworks Builds a Culture of Engagement

Featuring Zippy, The Knowledge Monster

September 27, 2023

Since 1988, Visionworks has become the leading provider of eye care services in the U.S., sitting at the unique intersection of healthcare and retail. Firmly devoted to healthy eyes and passionate about flawless vision, they ensure every person who visits their stores and affiliated doctors has an incredible experience in an unexpectedly simple way.

Our team was fortunate enough to embark on a whirlwind tour to visit a few stores in Minneapolis, MN, and spend some time learning about how the team is leveraging Zipline. But while we were there, we couldn’t help but note a few of the amazing and creative ways that the team goes above and beyond to connect with every single team member in really unique and creative ways.

So, what’s their secret? Here are a few ways that Visionworks builds a strong employee culture with focus, clarity… and Zippy!

We 💗 Zippy 

To help drive adoption and associate engagement within Zipline, Visionworks created an internal mascot.

Meet Zippy, The Knowledge Monster.

That’s right, Zippy is the Zipline mascot that Visionworks created just for internal users to interact with. With scavenger hunts in the resource library, weekly “Zip Tips,” and engaging games that encourage associates to discover new ideas and topics, Zippy is a fun way to generate excitement.

Beyond that, Zippy is now a part of the Visionworks culture.

Check out all of the places that Visionworks employees have taken Zippy:

Be Simple. Be Human. Be Bold.

From roles in optometry, fulfillment, telehealth, stores, manufacturing, and more… Visionworks employees come from a range of backgrounds and specialties. With excellent customer support, central distribution and manufacturing, as well as a major medical practice, there is a lot happening to make the retail storefront possible.

That’s why the value statement “Be Simple. Be Human. Be Bold.” is so important at every level of the organization. As a full-service retail, healthcare, and manufacturing company, Visionworks is devoted to one thing — healthy eyes. They are passionate about delivering flawless vision and ensuring everyone visiting their doctors and stores has an incredible, unexpectedly simple experience.

Streamlining Communication for a Clear Vision

In recent years, as competition increased and customer behavior changed, Visionworks needed a better way to increase store execution and engage associates across their 750 stores.

With their company goal in mind – making it simple for customers to see great – Visionworks knew that a quality customer experience starts with better communication to field teams.

Before Zipline, Visionworks relied on outdated communication methods like mail, binders, and email to reach their field teams. This resulted in significant time spent managing communications and challenges in tracking progress.

Now, with Zipline, Visionworks provides a streamlined platform for field leaders to assign tasks, track completion, and ensure clear communication from headquarters. This direct and efficient communication enhances employee engagement and performance, making Visionworks stand out in the retail industry.

A Spectacle of Success

At Visionworks, the commitment to employee engagement and a vibrant company culture shines as brightly as the clear vision they provide. Through Zippy, The Knowledge Monster, they’ve unlocked the power of knowledge sharing and created an environment where learning is not just a task but an exciting journey.

From the value statement “Be Simple. Be Human. Be Bold.” to their streamlined communication through Zipline, Visionworks is a shining example of how a company’s culture can fuel its success in a competitive industry.

As Zipline partners with retailers like Visionworks, we see the transformation that occurs when employees feel motivated and understand the impact of their work on the company’s goals. In the world of Visionworks, every associate plays a crucial role in delivering flawless vision to their customers.

The commitment to employee engagement, knowledge, and streamlined communication makes Visionworks a standout in the retail industry, and it’s no wonder they boast not only healthy eyes but also a healthy company culture.

If you’re curious about how Zipline helps retailers like Visionworks achieve extraordinary results, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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