Streamline store visits and standardize execution

Forget spreadsheets, emails and clipboards. Zipline’s Assessments makes store walks and inspections feel effortless

“Zipline is the linch-pin for all our communications – everything passes through there. There’s no ambiguity; if it’s on Zipline it’s official and if it’s not, it’s not. It is a solid record of what we did and when, and how we had it done.”

Elliott Perceval, Sr. Operations Manager at

Put safety & compliance first

What good are sanitization standards if you can’t track them? Assessments gives you a window into your stores’ compliance, so you have peace of mind that your teams are executing correctly.

As simple as pen and paper

District Managers and field leaders can perform assessments straight from their mobile device. Customer interruptions? Spotty wi-fi? No problem: Zipline’s Assessments saves your progress as you go.

Do more with less

Real-time aggregate data makes it easy to see how specific locations are performing compared to the rest of the fleet. Leaders can prioritize store visits based on who needs the most coaching – instead of just shooting in the dark.

Messages & Tasks

Our flagship product that started it all. A retail task management solution, planning calendar, and internal communications portal in one.

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Resource Library

More than a document management solution, it’s a brandable home for live-long policies, videos, training modules, and more (with search that actually works).

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An info-gathering tool that can flex with your complex org chart. Powerfully simple, no training required.

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A trusted place for dialogue, discussion, and debate (all tracked and moderated, of course).

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See how Zipline can retool your retail.