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Simplify your employee engagement surveys, consolidate store photos, and close the feedback loop with Zipline Surveys

"Zipline helps us get the right communication to the right person quickly so they can get back to focusing on our customers."

Jessica Siwy, Sr. Manager of Store Operations & Customer Service

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Surveys on steroids

Get to a 100% response rate faster than ever before: DMs can see which of their stores hasn’t completed a live survey in real time, so they can remind them while it’s still in progress.

Real-time insights

HQ teams can access results directly, so important information from the field doesn’t bottleneck in Store Communications. Avoid doing surveys over and delaying results because you found out too late which stores didn’t participate.

One tool for everything

Manage all of your surveys for field teams on one platform. No need to log into multiple tools, or manage multiple vendor contracts.

Messages & Tasks

Our flagship product that started it all. A retail task management solution, planning calendar, and internal communications portal in one.

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Resource Library

More than a document management solution, it’s a brandable home for live-long policies, videos, training modules, and more (with search that actually works).

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A trusted place for dialogue, discussion, and debate (all tracked and moderated, of course).

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Effortless store audits that help track behavior over time. Stop checking boxes and start coaching.

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See how Zipline can retool your retail.