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Zipline Introduces “Zippy:” a Conversational AI Companion for Frontline Teams – “Like Having Your Super-Smart Coworker in Your Back Pocket”

January 12, 2024

Zipline, a unified platform for operational excellence, takes another stride in defining the future of support for frontline retail teams with the launch of its conversational AI companion, “Zippy.” Designed to offer swift and dependable on-the-spot answers to questions about policies, promotions, products, and more, Zippy is like having the expertise of a seasoned colleague by your side throughout every shift.

Frontline workers can ask Zippy specific questions, and the AI chatbot will retrieve short, relevant, and accurate answers directly from the Zipline Resource Library – eliminating the need to search through multiple documents or messages. Because Zippy is integrated into a brand’s Zipline hierarchy, it also knows the inquiring employee’s location, role, and the information they should have access to, ensuring the right info reaches the right person at the right time.

Key Benefits of Zippy:

  • Improved In-Store Execution: With the ability to surface brand and location-relevant information instantaneously, Zippy empowers frontline teams with precise and actionable answers to everyday questions, elevating in-store performance.
  • Time Savings: Instead of scrolling through pages of documents, teams who use Zippy get prompt, context-specific answers in seconds, ensuring the efficient use of valuable team time.
  • Personalized Responses: Zippy personalizes responses that cater specifically to individual roles and locations, maximizing relevance and effectiveness in supporting team members.

“Zippy not only represents a milestone in our innovation journey but also exemplifies our commitment to improving the lives of retail workers,” said Melissa Wong, Zipline’s CEO and Co-founder. “Conversational AI will revolutionize the way retail workers interact with information, ensuring they have immediate access to invaluable support and knowledge, and empowering them to excel in their roles with confidence and efficiency.”

Zipline is currently beta testing this capability with a select group of leading retailers, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. 

According to Eric Wardian, Sr. Manager, Store Communications at Pacsun, “Seeing Zippy in action was mind-blowing! It’s way more than just another search tool. It gets the nuances of what we’re asking and hits back with speedy, spot-on answers, all rooted in our own brand policies and procedures. It’s like having your super-smart coworker in your back pocket. This isn’t just about saving time in finding answers; it’s about giving our teams the confidence they need in every decision.”

Additionally, Eric M. Buff, Manager of Retail Operations at Visionworks of America, shared, “There’s no better way to empower our people and help them succeed than to make sure that information they need is simple and easy to get, immediately. Our beta test of the integrated AI within the Zipline platform not only shows this is possible, but that the merging of technology and our Evergreen resources can be seamlessly intertwined, delivering information when needed in a digestible way. To put it more simply, this bot is just so damn cool! There are a lot of possibilities that can now be realized. Zipline isn’t just communicating for us, it’s innovating for us too!”

Retailers can see Zippy in action next week in New York City at the National Retail Federation’s 2024 Big Show. Zipline experts, and clients like Eric Wardian from Pacsun and Eric M. Buff from Visionworks, will be available at booth #5157 to demonstrate Zippy’s capabilities and answer questions.

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