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Retail Innovator Award Winners, Powered by Zipline

June 24, 2024

We are delighted to share that Ross Wiener, Director of Retail & Labor Operations at Visionworks, and Lina Sabic, Director of Store Operations, Pacsun, have both been recognized as a 2024 Retail Innovator Award winners. This  award highlights the most forward-thinking executives in the retail industry who have driven significant organizational and industry change.

As the Director of Retail & Labor Operations at Visionworks, Ross has been instrumental in introducing Zipline, an advanced communication and task management platform, to Visionworks’ operations. With the evolving dynamics of retail and changing consumer behaviors, Ross recognized the need to enhance store execution and associate engagement. Zipline emerged as the solution, streamlining communication between Visionworks’ 750 stores and their headquarters, ensuring seamless task assignment and monitoring.

As the Director of Store Operations at Pacsun, Lina has implemented innovative strategies that have transformed store operations and enhanced customer experiences. Her leadership and vision have driven Pacsun’s success, making her a standout figure in retail excellence.

Ross and Lina’s work with Zipline has not only improved operational efficiency but also empowered associates to better serve customers, leading to elevated customer experiences. By fostering real-time communication, task tracking, and alignment with corporate expectations, Ross and Lina have both transformed internal processes and set new industry standards.

This year’s Retail Innovator Award winners represent a diverse group of executives from various leading organizations, all making remarkable strides in the retail space. Ross and Lina’s inclusion in this esteemed list underscores their exceptional contributions and the impact of their work.

Please join us in celebrating Ross Wiener’s and Lina Sabic’s achievements and their continued success in shaping the future of retail.

For more information and to view the full list of award winners, visit Retail TouchPoints!
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