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Zipline Debuts New Shift Swapping Functionality to Give Retail Workers The Flexibility They Expect and Boost Engagement

January 3, 2023

Zipline, a unified platform for operational excellence, today announced the launch of Shift Swapping functionality that gives frontline retail workers the ability to manage their schedules in real-time and give up or pick up shifts from co-workers, all within Zipline. By offering employees this much-requested benefit, brands can better engage and retain employees.

  • Shift Swapping enables brands to provide hourly workers with flexibility and control over their schedules, which is key to attracting and retaining talent today.
  • Shift Swapping is just one of the many ways that Zipline engages associates and keeps them happy. In an industry with 65% employee churn, Zipline customers average 17% churn for frontline employees.
  • With 2023 surfacing new challenges around attracting and retaining talent, it is clear brands will need to place value on employee autonomy and value. Shift Swapping will soon become and expected associate standard as the industry changes.

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