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Zipline CEO & Co-Founder Melissa Wong named a Business Insider’s Brick and Mortar Power Player

September 30, 2022

Wong is the co-founder and CEO of Zipline, a startup that helps brands communicate with their retail employees.

Wong said her work as a corporate-communications manager at Gap communicating with store managers and employees about corporate goals and sales in retail locations inspired Zipline.

Zipline aims to solve the pain points Wong encountered repeatedly earlier in her career. The platform allows store employees to view tasks and messages personalized to their role, location, and performance to get a better understanding of what they need to complete. The platform can also integrate with other tools stores use, like HR-management software and business-intelligence platforms.

Zipline also used its tech to help stores navigate the pandemic, launching a COVID-19 resource hub to help brands communicate protocols to their employees and help stores stay up to date on local requirements.

Wong said that as retailers recover, navigating customers’ complex expectations will be key. “The pandemic made one thing clear: Agility is the must-have quality in a strong retail brand,” she said. “And to remain agile and reduce turnover, effective communication is a necessity.”

Wong says that while physical stores will always be the best representation of a brand, linking stores and e-commerce is crucial for the future. “A store will serve as a place of brand representation, education, and commerce — a place for pick-up, returns, and microfulfillment centers,” she said.

Zipline works with nearly 80 brands including Rite Aid, Sephora, Gap, and AEO, the parent company of American Eagle and Aerie.

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