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Labor: Beyond the minimum wage – Produce Blue Book:

October 1, 2021

In an op-ed from Produce Blue Book, author Richard Smoley cites multiple data points from Zipline’s Labor of Love report  in his piece on minimum wage: Labor: Beyond the minimum wage – Produce Blue Book:

  • “Consumers and employees alike are holding retailers to new standards,” concludes a Zipline report on retail employee satisfaction.
  • This is a reasonable conclusion to reach when, as the study indicates, “42% of retail associates said they are considering or have already decided they are planning to leave the retail workforce after the pandemic” 
  • Reasons? “Almost half (43%) of respondents say they don’t feel consistently heard when making suggestions to retail headquarters about in-store changes and improvements.”
  • Furthermore, “only 24% of associates said retailers were doing enough to retain talent and build an ambitious retail workforce.”
  • Probably the most important conclusion of the Zipline study: “As retailers make in-store improvements to enhance the customer experience, they also need to consider making similar investments to streamline communication with their employees, create a better work environment and ensure associates feel valued and heard.”

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