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What do consumers want from metaverse commerce?

July 8, 2022

“A new survey reveals generational differences in how consumers view the metaverse as a retail channel,” says Dan Berthiaum, Senior Editor, at Chain Store Age. The article referenced findings from Zipline’s Retail Metaverse Report including:

  • 85% of Gen Z respondents reported feeling indifferent about brands developing a presence in the metaverse, but the same percentage said they’d be interested in hybrid in-store experiences that use mixed reality technologies to incorporate a virtual element to shopping. 
  • A primary challenge for retailers will be overcoming a lack of understanding of the metaverse, which Gen Z (43%), Millennials (43%), and Gen X (53%) cited as the main reason for not participating.
  • A majority of Gen Z (85%), millennials (75%), and Gen X (69%) respondents said they would be interested in hybrid in-store mixed reality experiences that leverage augmented reality and virtual reality technologies for online shopping and engaging with friends – both virtually and in-person.

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