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Gen Z Indifferent to Metaverse, Retail Study Suggests

June 28, 2022

“As corporate leaders work to develop the emerging metaverse — a concept envisioned as an immersive blending of the physical and online worlds that will revolutionize work, commerce, entertainment and other aspects of human life — it’s become clear that consumer brands and retailers are expected to play a significant role,” says Dinah Wisenberg Brin from ThinkAdvisor.

Key Highlights:

  • Gen Z’s apparent lack of interest should be particularly worrisome to retailers making multimillion-dollar investments in their metaverse presence.
  • Gen Z is interested in “hybrid in-store experiences that use mixed reality technologies to incorporate a virtual element to shopping.”
  • Gen Z, millennials and Gen X all cite lack of understanding of the metaverse as their main reason for not participating.

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