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Facing a New Normal: How Retailers Can Reduce Employee Turnover

August 27, 2021

People have missed the social connection and thrill that comes with retail therapy. NRF anticipates “the fastest growth that we’ve seen in this country since 1984,” CNBC reports, with sales expected to grow between 10.5 percent and 13.5 percent to an estimated total of $4.44 trillion to $4.56 trillion. That would beat sales in 2019 and 2020.

While retailers and customers appear to be exuberant about a return to pre-pandemic days, one group is not: retail employees. The retail industry saw more employees quit in April than other sectors, with about 112,000 leaving their jobs compared to a previous peak in July 2019, according to data compiled by Barron’s.

Why? Because unhappy employees are now more confident that they’ll be able to find better work.

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