Retail Innovator Awards

PacSun Store Communications and Field Enablement Manager, Eric Wardian, is a 2022 Retail Innovator Award Winner

January 30, 2023

“Eric Wardian has a decade of retail background working with brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Michael Kors. However, it was during his current tenure at PacSun that he helped the clothing brand launch an innovative digital solution that bridged the connection between HQ and stores to better empower field teams.

By implementing Retail Zipline, Eric provided a powerful platform that helped field teams more effectively manage their business through improved communication and task management tools. As team members used the platform, the solution would surface insights that would help field members make better operational decisions for their stores. Under Eric’s management, PacSun was able to seamlessly implement the technology and garnered 100% engagement within 48 hours of the platform launching.

Now, PacSun field managers can get a streamlined view of communications, automate manual processes, access personalized content and get team-based reminders for work that needs to be done. HQ and field managers also can access robust reporting to improve execution. Since launch, PacSun saw a 45% increase in readership and a 20% jump in execution.”

At Zipline, we’re so impressed by Eric, and we’re beyond proud that PacSun is #poweredbyZipline!

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