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Supercharge your onboarding and training programs to align with every phase of your frontline teams’ learning journey.

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Effortlessly oversee Learning and Development projects, centralize communications, and enhance store performance all within one platform. Zipline’s Learning Center empowers you to seamlessly integrate courses, certifications, and more, all within a single platform designed to help leading retail brands achieve operational excellence.

Streamlined and Unified Learning Experience

Say goodbye to scattered training materials and disjointed communication channels. Our solution centralizes all learning initiatives, communication, and tasks into a single, user-friendly platform.

Modern Learning for Modern Retail

Redefine learning by offering fast, engaging, and accessible learning experiences directly from the sales floor via any mobile device. Empower your employees to learn at their own pace and in their preferred environment.

Tailored Learning Journeys for Retail Success

Retail hierarchies are complex, and Zipline can flex with the best of them. Whether you’re onboarding seasonal hires, upskilling tenured staff, or rolling out new sales standards, Zipline gives you the power to manage diverse learning journeys with ease.

“Implementing Zipline has made a foundational impact to our day-to-day operations at State & Liberty. The addition of learning and development capabilities align perfectly with our vision to create the most efficient employee onboarding experience while fostering continued growth at our company.”

Carl Faraon, Head of Partnerships + Athlete Engagement. State & Liberty Clothing Company

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