Retail Banking

Zipline understands the unique pressures banks are facing today and ensures that everyone in the field has the information, context and tools needed to be successful in their particular roles.

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Zipline brings every facet of your branch’s business together in one personalized, prioritized platform. Today’s banking customers want more than lightning-fast access to their money. Whether visiting a neighborhood branch or using an app on their mobile phone, customers are looking for institutions they can trust. The best way to build that trust? A team of engaged, informed employees.

The ultimate one-stop-shop for hourly field teams

Zipline brings clarity and meaning to a retail employee’s daily work, no matter how many complex systems they’re accessing. By enabling powerful third-party integrations on top of our industry-leading Operations platform, employees gain access to information in the context of their individual role, location, and current performance.

Task Management

Zipline makes it easy for people to delegate, pick up the baton when needed, volunteer for tasks, etc. As a result, the execution data is actually far more accurate than what you’ll get with other task management software.

Knowledge Base

Zipline’s resource library is search-primary (and that search actually works), so teams don’t need to memorize a complicated hierarchy to find what they’re looking for, and can pull up information in seconds – speed is critical in the face of health and safety issues. Library contents are targeted by location and role, so there’s no risk of employees looking at (and executing) the wrong direction.

I would have had [Zipline] year one … We are such a better company because of how we communicate today.”

Randy Edeker, CEO & President of Hy-Vee

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