Pre-built integrations with the tools your field teams rely on

Everything teams need, all in one place

Zipline integrates seamlessly with leading systems frontline teams rely upon for human resources, workforce management, content management, employee resource management, learning management and analytics, among others – creating a one-stop-shop for every frontline worker.

“Zipline is taking the first step to becoming a true one-stop-shop, which is the holy grail for field teams.”

Avery Worthing-Jones,
Head of Product Management at Gap Inc.

Access schedule information

When you’re managing the sales floor on a busy day, the last thing you want to do is leave it to check your schedule. The Schedule Widget gives Store Managers quick insight into who’s currently working, who’s scheduled, and when their shifts start and end.

Ensure work only gets done on the clock

Integrations with WFM vendors, like Dayforce and Legion, ensure field employees are only able to access information when they’re on the clock.

Stay on top of training

Provide employees a personalized snapshot of training that they need to complete by enabling a learning dashboard widget that can be integrated with popular learning management systems available in the market today, like Docebo. This tool provides visibility and accountability for completing required training on time and reduces the need for redundant communications. Through integration, your LMS content is synced with Zipline so that everyone gets the right information at the right time.

“Partnering with Zipline to ensure on-clock status access to work content allows businesses to focus on the adoption of these capabilities without worrying about compliance issues.”

Sanish Mondkar
Founder and CEO of Legion Technologies

A true point of view – not a data smorgasbord.

The Zipline dashboard provides information in a structured way, based on a user’s role, location, and current performance so they can quickly understand what they need to know, do, and plan for in order to reach their brands’ goals.

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