Transforming Retail with AI: Empowering Store Associates for Success

Cutting-Edge AI Functionality Enables Faster and Easier Access to Information for Store Employees

June 13, 2023

Hot off the presses: Zipline just unveiled a groundbreaking proof-of-concept demo showcasing one of the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will revolutionize the way retail operates. 

Advanced AI Chatbot technology – like ChatGPT – has taken the retail world by storm, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its capabilities. Already we know AI will save employees time, help everyone to work smarter and faster, and cut down on the drudgery of day-to-day tasks. At Zipline, we’re committed to getting this innovation into the hands of retail workers from HQ all the way down to the frontline associates.

AI and ML in the hands of retail frontlines

Today at Summer Camp – our annual conference where we celebrate and ideate with our customers – we unveiled a proof of concept demo featuring an intelligent platform that can instantly respond to questions asked by store associates. Instead of producing generic resources, the platform’s response draws from Zipline’s Resource Library, considering the employee’s role and store location to provide only the most relevant information. This implementation holds the potential to significantly reduce the time store associates spend searching for necessary information, enabling them to fulfill their responsibilities more efficiently.

Meagan Sobol, Director of Product Management at Zipline, emphasized the importance of equipping store employees with comprehensive knowledge: “Customers today expect store employees to be product, policy, and brand experts, which puts a lot of pressure on associates. AI has the power to dramatically reduce the amount of time that associates spend getting the information they need to do their jobs. I’m excited to continue exploring how we can leverage innovative new technologies to make the lives of retail workers easier.”

Read the full press release to learn how a future version of the platform could leverage AI and ML to improve retail operations. 

Keep Today on Track with AI

By leveraging innovative technologies, Zipline aims to empower store employees, streamline information retrieval, and enhance customer experiences. As we continue to explore and innovate, the future looks bright for the retail sector, with the potential for AI to transform the way stores operate.

With Zipline as your single source of truth, getting work done happens in half the time. AI is reshaping retail at lightning speed, and with Zipline, it can help you to empower your employees, improve operational efficiency, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Take a look at the ways best-in-class retailers reap the rewards of Zipline and supercharge your associates’ experience with AI today! 

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