Zipline Unveils New AI Functionality at Customer Conference Proof of Concept Allows Store Employees to Access Information Faster and Easier

June 13, 2023

June 13, 2023 – Today, during the first day of its customer conference in San Diego, Zipline unveiled how a future version of the platform could leverage AI and ML to improve how retail operates. 

The proof of concept demo featured a store associate asking the intelligent platform a question and receiving the answer immediately. Rather than just pulling up a generic resource, the response, which is culled from the brand’s evergreen materials stored in Zipline’s resource library, takes into account the person’s role and store location to surface only the relevant information that the associate needs to do their job.

“Customers today expect store employees to be product, policy and brand experts, which puts a lot of pressure on associates. AI has the power to dramatically reduce the amount of time that associates spend getting the information they need to do their jobs,” said Meagan Sobol, Director of Product Management at Zipline. “I’m excited to continue exploring how we can leverage innovative new technologies to make the lives of retail workers easier.”

Zipline’s customer conference, ‘Summer Camp’, taking place in San Diego, brings together close to 100 customers from leading retail brands for best practice sharing sessions, networking and discussions. Sponsors of the event include Legion, Medallia and RetailNext.

About Zipline
Zipline is how best-in-class retailers bring brand strategies to life in stores. A unified platform for operational excellence, Zipline brings together frontline communications, task management, learning, resources, insights, and more—so everyone feels connected to the brand and inspired by their work. The company has an NPS of 78 and was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. Store teams using Zipline have a 92% average team adoption rate of the software. What’s more, CB Insights ranked Zipline as one of the 100 most promising B2B retail tech companies. Today, nearly 100 brands like Rite Aid and Sephora depend on Zipline to align and empower their store teams worldwide. For further information, please visit:

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