Eight Reasons We 💖 Zipline

In celebration of Zipline’s eighth birthday🕺

August 18, 2022

In 2014, we created Zipline to help retailers achieve better store execution – and, in turn, more profitable sales. It’s the store communication solution that we always wanted to exist.

Fast-forward to eight years later, and today we power over 75 of the world’s best retail brands (and a few non-retail brands, too!). Not to mention, we’ve grown our team of bright and talented Zipliners to over 120 (and counting!)

In honor of the incredible journey that got us here today, here are eight of our favorite things about Zipline:

1. We’re by retail, for retail

We’re here to make retail better, and we know how… because most of us have lived it! Zipline is made up of a diverse team of ex-retailers who are passionate about the people that work tirelessly to support local communities with exceptional store experiences.

From Marketing to Engineering, Customer Support to Design, most of us have worn a retail hat at some point in our careers. Some of us had first jobs bagging groceries, others have spent time crunching numbers as retail merchants, and a surprising number of us have – you guessed it – sat in store operations and or run communication at major retail brands. We are from retail, and for retail through and through.

2. The Pink Bubble

Talk to any Zipline customer and they’re bound to gush about their love for our Support Team – affectionately known around these parts as “The Pink Bubble.”

That’s because unlike other services that use a ticketing system (or even bots!), we recognize that when our customers need help, they need it NOW.  So we communicate with our users in real-time, using chat. Chat staffed by real (awesome) people who really “get” retail.

This not only gives us the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly, but also means our customers get to experience our support teams’ liberal use of emojis and GIFs 😎

3. Our 100% distributed, diverse team

Long before the pandemic, Zipline employees were working from home (and vans and boats and RVs and Airbnbs) across the globe. We don’t have a single office… and yet, we maintain a culture that feels like one big group hug! 

That means that when we get together, we get to celebrate in really unique ways. Zipliners have been known to go hike, pet alpacas, create art, and explore cool places together!

4. ZipPets

Since we’re a fully distributed company, we get to spend extra time with our loved ones: that means our families and our four-legged friends. When your pawffice can be literally anywhere, there are more opportunities to swap cute puppy/kitty/chinchilla pics on Slack. Check out some of these purrfect pets of Zipline:

5. Our Weekly Wave

For eight years now, we’ve made space once a week for a moment to take a breather and check in with each other. Zipline “Weekly Socials” are especially fun because we come up with a unique wave idea every week and record it. The sillier, the better! The extra laughs power our day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. #NWR Slack Channels

Our NWR, or Non-Work Related, Slack channels are pretty awesome. From #nwr-traderjoesfavorites – where we share our favorite scores from the aisles of our local TJs – to #nwr-skin-care-tips (which is the place to be during Sephora’s Spring Sale!) we can always find a group to connect with about our interests, passions and talents outside of work.

7. The Best Customers

We are honored to help dozens of incredible retailers and customers align their teams so that the brands they are building together can soar to new heights. Among them are the Brands That MatterTop 40 Under 40, USA Today’s Best, Outstanding Women in Retail, Top Women in Retail Tech, CSA’s Most Inclusive Fashion Brands, and Movers and Shakers… just to name a few!

8. Cake 🎂 🤗

Yep, it’s our birthday – so we made ourselves a giant cake.

Well, actually, our Solutions Consultant, Bridget, whipped up this showstopper of a dessert (and even broke out the Zipline Marketing Guide to make sure her frosting was Pantone-perfect.)

🥂 Cheers to another eight years!

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