Zipline 💖: Supporting Brands That Matter

November 2, 2021

We are in a world of social revolution. Today’s most remarkable leaders aren’t just innovating, but stepping into a role as stewards of important causes that create a better future. We’ve been dreaming of an era where the collaboration of purpose and profit brings about lasting and systemic change. That change begins with organizations that are dedicated to progress. Or, as Fast Company calls them, Brands That Matter.

Fast Company’s first-ever list of Brands That Matter dropped last week, and we can’t help but admire every brand listed. These are companies that are interested in building an ecosystem that empowers the community to step into their power and effect great change. 

But – We’re even more thrilled to celebrate the brands on the list that are using Zipline to align their entire fleet, ensuring those powerful brand values can be reflected at every level of their organization.

Here are the four Zipline family members who made the list:

Allbirds: Saving the Earth, Step by Step

Allbirds is committed to social innovation and is revolutionizing the footwear industry by finding new and creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint (literally). Not only are they taking steps to make better products in a better way, but they are also doing it worldwide, with dozens of brick-and-mortar stores opening across multiple countries around the globe in just a few short years. 

Reducing the environmental impact that we make on our planet has been Allbirds’ biggest priority since day one.  Once the brand set their sights on sustainability, they needed to ensure the company was ready to scale that mission throughout their brick-and-mortar fleet. And that’s where Zipline comes in.

With Zipline as the company’s one-stop shop for communications, every employee worldwide can be kept up-to-date on the latest sustainability achievements – whether that’s manufacturing entirely plant-based footwear, rolling out carbon footprint product labels, or becoming a fully carbon-neutral business. Associates are fully knowledgeable about the brand’s mission, and not only feel more prepared to talk to customers but also feel confident that the work they do is in pursuit of a higher good.

Warby Parker: A Vision for a Better Future

What we love about this influential brand, is how they’ve scaled as digital direct-to-consumer pioneers and still maintained an emphasis on mission-driven work. From the onset, Warby Parker has believed that a company can do good, impacting the world in a meaningful way. Through their “Buy A Pair, Give A Pair” program, the company has distributed over 8 million pairs of glasses. 

For Inc Magazine, Warby Parker’s co-CEO Neil Blumenthal says “But, frankly, the social mission is what drives us. It’s what gets us up in the morning. It’s what prevents us from hitting the snooze button and spending another 15 minutes sleeping. And for our 1,800 current employees and for people that we’re recruiting, we lead with social mission. That’s the No. 1 reason people want to come work for Warby Parker.”

For a mission-based company like Warby Parker, it’s even more important that every employee understand what the organization stands for – and feel like a part of those greater company goals. That’s Zipline’s specialty: putting the information in the hands of frontline workers to make them feel supported and connected to the brand.

Old Navy: Social Impact Will Never Be Out of Style

Old Navy has been on a mission to deliver affordable access to great clothing to everyone since Gap Inc. launched the brand in 1994. The organization has committed to building an inclusive community, starting with their own employee culture. And the social responsibility they’ve signed on for doesn’t end there. With sustainability initiatives and ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts, Old Navy is dedicated to prioritizing a giving component in their business model. 

We’re proud to help Old Navy connect HQ’s big decisions to the everyday work store leaders and frontline workers do to keep the brand’s vision alive. Store teams can see how their work supports the larger picture and have the context that enables them to be better store leaders. Happiness flows from the bottom-up and top-down.

Nike: Racing to Break Barriers

Nike has always been a lightning rod for inspiration and individuality. Fast Company says  “Amid the chaos of woke-washed ads and marketing, Nike stands out for its ability to stylishly speak out and remain a leader, says Fast Company.” and it’s true, Nike has had an immeasurable impact on our culture. We really admire how the organization stays consistently true to its brand voice, from the inside out. Organizations that inspire so much change in our community begin by enacting change within. Nike embodies that belief.

We believe that when organizations send meaningful communications in the right way, frontline workers can truly understand what their brand stands for and how their work contributes to greater company goals. This, in turn, drives higher employee engagement and company agility.

See the full list of 95 Brands That Matter more than ever in 2021 by Fast Company

Change starts from within organizations. At Zipline, we’re dedicated to providing resources to socially-minded brands that are innovating solutions and scale for maximum impact.  Whether your cause is saving the planet, creating a culture of unity and inclusion, or social activism, start making an impact today.

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