Co-founders of Retail Operational Excellence Platform, Zipline, Release Book

June 20, 2023

“Stores Don’t Suck: The 5 Principles of Amazing Retail Execution” Available Today, Exclusively on

June 20, 2023  – Zipline, a unified platform for operational excellence announces the launch of a timely new book titled “Stores Don’t Suck.” The book, now available exclusively on, challenges traditional notions of retail and offers fresh perspectives on the bright future of physical stores.

“Stores Don’t Suck” is the brainchild of the dynamic duo behind Zipline, Melissa Wong and Jeremy Baker. Melissa Wong is a retail veteran, having spent over 10 years focusing on retail communications at Old Navy. During her time in one of North America’s largest retailers, she focused on improving the way the company communicated with the field, ultimately improving store execution and driving sales. She now serves as the founder and CEO of Zipline. 

Jeremy is the co-founder and CTO of Retail Zipline, a company that was built to help streamline and coordinate retail communications. He has spent the last decade of his life working with retailers to improve their store operations and communications. Prior to that, he was a successful entrepreneur in the advertising technology space, an innovation lead at Yahoo!, and a technology consultant for high-growth companies. 

The duo has revolutionized the retail landscape for close to 100 best-in-class brands with their innovative SaaS solution for improving execution by improving communications, employee engagement and the store experience.

For more information about “Stores Don’t Suck” and to purchase the book, visit

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