We visited the LUSH HQ

…and it is even more awesome than we could have ever imagined.

November 4, 2022

The Zipline team visited LUSH’s HQ in Vancouver to connect about their communication goals- and get an inside look at their factory. 

Here are a few of the things that made us fall even more in love with LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

“Fresh” really is LUSH’s middle name

At Lush, everything is handmade, from the soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bars that are made freshly each day, to the furniture that is crafted in Lush’s very own Vancouver woodshop. Just like with everything else the brand builds, Lush thoughtfully builds their customer journey from the inside out (and only with fresh, natural ingredients, of course)!

We got to see the whole, fresh ingredients that they use, firsthand! (Just check out those roses and boxes of avocados 🤩)

Baking in Social Enterprise (literally)

Today’s most remarkable leaders aren’t just innovating, but stepping into a role as stewards of important causes that create a better future. Lush’s mission is to provide fresh & organic products with an amazing ethos built in, and they align their teams behind that mission, always clearly highlighting the “why” behind the messages that unite and connect the team to the brand.

Zipline + LUSH = The (Bath) Bomb 

The soap is handmade, but so are the engaging messages that they create to connect with store employees across the continent. The organization carries its mission to better the world all the way down to frontline employees. With Zipline, the brand has a direct line to in-store staff, connecting in-store operations to the greater mission, and engaging employees directly. 

We had such a soap-tactular time at LUSH HQ! We got to try our hands at making some products, try a few on for size (literally!), and connect with the team about how they leverage Zipline to engage, educate, and support their store teams.

When you join the Zipline family, you get more than just a product… You get a partner! Thanks, LUSH! 

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