Implementation at the Speed of Retail

April 2, 2021

As we anxiously wait for the Covid-19 vaccine to become readily available, it’s hard to ignore the toll that waiting takes. It’s human nature to want to solve a problem as soon we discover a powerful solution. We see it every time a retailer wants to implement Zipline; they see the power of Zipline to drive store execution through communications and task management and they’re ready to be transformed.

And, the beauty of Zipline is that we can have you rolled out in weeks. In fact, we’re usually asked to slow down the process so customers can align their fleets. (Since they don’t have Zipline yet, coordination is tricky!)

What does the process look like? Have you ever watched a NASCAR driver pull into the pit? It’s kind of like that.

By Retail, for Retail

The first thing we do is assign you an account manager who serves as the main point of contact between your team and the internal Zipline teams.  You’ll work with someone who “gets” you.

We know retail firsthand, so we built our process to suit your business. We like to think of your Account Manager as an extension of your team. Here are some of the duties of the members of our Customer Success Team perform to make it simple to roll out the most effective solution on the market:

  • Quarterbacks implementation and launch
  • Establishes best practices & ongoing education
  • Process changes within your organization

The Infamous Pink Bubble

We know that your stores have a lot of questions and that they need fast and friendly support (from real people). That’s why the Zipline support team is here for just that. We typically respond to store, upper field, and publisher requests in less than 5 minutes so that you don’t have to.

Since championing for communication is the special sauce here at Zipline, that philosophy has infiltrated the culture of the entire company, impacting the way that we support our end users. Our customer satisfaction surveys show it, too. 

24/7 Knowledge Base

We know that it is important for you and your field teams to find quick answers to questions they might have on how to use Zipline. We also know that it is important for your field teams to have easy access to ongoing training, education, and best practices.

This is why our team is constantly updating and adding content into our 24/7 Knowledge Base! You and your teams will have access to personalized content that pertains to the products and features your organization uses, the permissions you have as a user, and the features available to your user/team type

Planning, Launching and Learning at Lightning Speed

The beauty of working with Zipline is that we take on the heavy lifting and let you go about your business. In fact, we just need less than ten hours of your time to go from walking through a high-level scope of the project and identifying key deliverables, to rolling out a unique, customized platform to your field.

We’re here to set you up for success, ensure technical milestones are met, and walk your team through training. Not only is this process speedy, it’s also safe. You can roll out with little-to-no IT support. We know IT teams are usually swamped, so we made our system low overhead, and our modern technology keeps your instance safe and stable.

Minimal friction means maximum speed. Since we know retail inside and out, we are experts at changing performance without changing behavior. Our system relies on tools your teams already use, and working hierarchies already in place.

And That’s When the Fun Just Begins…

Once the racecar leaves pit lane, the crew doesn’t stop working. This is when the fun begins! Our team will monitor adoption, readership, and execution and begin working on strategic initiatives to help you achieve your communication goals.

Post-launch, we will cover reporting, gather feedback, and continue to help you navigate this new life with Zipline.

We’ve been forced to “wait” for over a year now. We’re waiting on answers, waiting for results, signing up for waiting lists. The good news is that we don’t have to wait to bring your brand to life in stores at all, now.

Retail Zipline was designed by retail, for retail, so brands like yours can improve store execution and engagement in an intelligent, state-of-the-art way. Read more on our blog, or, better yet, sign up for a demo so we can show you how Retail Zipline can help you transform your communications the way LEGO, Lush, and Casper already have.

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