Highlights from NRF: The crossroads of convenience and conscience

January 17, 2022

It’s official: convenience now has a conscience and consumers are embracing the changes, including everything from kombucha to coffee bars and craft beers. 

Many C-stores who spoke at NRF are interested in offering consumers more than just a quick snack and a smile (well, a smile with the eyes, that is 😷).

“We’re creating a better food system by elevating brands we feel are doing it right,” says 

Rachel Krupa, Founder, and CEO, The Goods Mart. “We elevate brands that are more conscious about the environment, more conscious about what ingredients, that eliminate single-serve materials. We uplift BIPOC, women-owned, and black-owned businesses. It’s all about how can we be a more conscious store that helps the conscious shopper.”

The Goods Mart is just one example of a modern, unique take on c-stores. Foxtrot is another innovative chain of stores blending digital and in-store destination shopping into one experience with responsible business in mind. For Foxtrot, it’s all about the community.

“We see ourselves as woven into the fabric of the community that we serve,” says Carla Dunham, Foxtrot’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Foxtrot is deeply focused on what brands are tracking with the customers. We are in a powerful position to be in where we want to make sure there is a long growth trajectory for new brands. We’re disruptors but we’re also being disrupted, so at any given month, 10 to 15% of our product is new.”

It’s clear that tomorrow’s c-store leaders aren’t just relying on store employees to ring up transactions at the register – they also need them to develop personal relationships within the community and educate shoppers about new products. That’s why, In a time of unprecedented turnover, the most successful c-stores are focused on differentiating their employment brand and frequently communicating directly down to the front lines. 

Zipline helps employees at companies like these truly understand their role in bringing the brand promise to life, creating a sense of purpose that results in better, more authentic customer interactions. If you’d like to learn more, book a demo today.

Here are a few of the highlights (so far):

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