Customer Love: 24 Hour Fitness

October 15, 2021

When customers join the Zipline family, they get more than just amazing software. They get the industry’s best service and support.

How do we know it’s the best? First, there are the numbers. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 78 (unheard of in SaaS, where the average vendor NPS is 41!), we have a 98% Customer Support Happiness rating, and have scored 5/5 across every Implementation Happiness survey.

But customer happiness is more than just a number or percentage. More than anything, it’s the feedback we get directly from our partners themselves. Case-in-point: 24 Hour Fitness.

24 Hour Fitness launched Zipline in early 2020… right before entering one of the most tumultuous periods in U.S.history. With the onset of the Covid-19, 24 Hour Fitness had to quickly close clubs, and implement complex organizational changes. 

When Sybil Wartenburg joined the team as Director of Internal Communications in April 2020, she and her team found themselves managing not only the rapid-fire changes in the business but also the rollout of a communications strategy that had stalled mid-stream due to the pandemic. Because of the changing business landscape during the pandemic, club team members were interested in ways to engage. 

Sybil – and Zipline – were up to the challenge. With her Zipline account manager, Leanne, as a partner, Sybil collaborated on a “re-launch” plan to establish Zipline as a single source of truth for 24 Hour Fitness’ field organization, with the goal of simplifying Team Members’ experience and providing the company with new insights into how to optimize communication across its nearly 300 clubs nationwide.

From the get-go, Leanne and the rest of the Zipline team supported Sybil and her colleagues as if they were fellow employees. Whether hosting learning sessions, designing best practice guides, pulling custom reports, or exploring technology integrations, Zipliners involved in the account went above and beyond to ensure 24 Hour Fitness’ success.  “The level of partnership from Zipline is exceptional,” says Sybil. “The patience your team has shown, willingness to find solutions, and attention to our needs is so amazing.”

Today, as the Internal Communications team’s focus shifts to maintaining the gains the organization has seen with Zipline and realizing even more value from the platform, Sybil marvels at how much the Zipline team truly feels like a partner. Whereas conversations with most vendors revolve around bugs and product fixes, today she enjoys productive strategy conversations with Zipline staff. She explains, “I am so grateful for the responsiveness, resource, and creativity we experience from Zipline. All of the Zipline resources – from the CTO on down – who have assisted 24 Hour Fitness with our platform set up and prolonged rollout are truly a beneficial partner to our company.”

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