C-Stores Transform Engagement and Execution– Conversations at the NACS Human Resource Forum

March 10, 2021

Today we joined the NACS forum for Human Resource leaders! We are so excited to be new members of the organization and to continue to support industry trailblazers in the C-store vertical.

The NACS Human Resources Forum is connecting human resources professionals who support convenience stores. This virtual gathering is an opportunity for C-store industry leaders to explore new ideas and tools to support employee engagement the constantly shifting environment defined by a year of Covid-19. 

We are beyond excited to be part of the conversation about how brands are evolving and innovating. Today, NACS hosted a conversation with Zipline Chief Sales Officer, Randy Ray who spoke about how innovative retail brands are leveraging our platform to transform the way that employees operate, execute, and engage.

Here’s a first-hand look at how communication and engagement are the key elements that drive C-store execution. 

Personalized Communication, Not Just Noise

The role of employee communication and engagement was important before, but in a world of Covid, it is more critical now than ever. What’s more, Covid-19 has transformed the role of engagement and education. For years, but particularly in the last 12 months, C-store retailers have uncovered the necessity of communication. 

The data tells us that 86% of store employees don’t feel engaged with their employer because they aren’t receiving communication. What’s more, 95% of deskless workers in retail today don’t even have access to the tools to even access retail communication.

We know that engaged employees perform better, and the key to engaged employees is personalized communication, not just noise. 78% of all retail deskless workers have dismissed communication bc it wasn’t targeted to them. And in a world of heightened safety measures to protect customers and employees mandates varyingfrom region to region, and regulations that change day by day, broadstroke communications just doesn’t cut it. 

Innovative C-store brands like Speedway understand the importance of cutting out the noise in lieu of personalized and targeted communications to deliver a single source of truth to 3500 locations across the nation. 

A Culture of Engagement

People are the most important asset of retail c-stores, and investing in employee engagement means better store results. 

We’re not surprised that the data proves this. Companies with ratings over 3.5 on Glassdoor performed 15% better overall than those with ratings lower than 3.5, on a scale of 1-5. We know that how we communicate with our employees affects their engagement. And ultimately, employee engagement promotes employee performance.

Communication is critical, and the right communication impacts every level of an organization. 

Compound Time Savings 

Instead of countless disparate systems that leade to process breakdowns, C-store brands can streamline with one technology solution designed to ultimately drive store execution. 

The average amount of time a store manager spends on c-store communications in a given 8-hour shift is 1hr and 21 mins. Retail Zipline takes that down to less than 16 minutes.

By simplifying store comms and task management in organizations, sime savings touches every layer of c-store operations. From IT, to the field, to HQ, Retail Zipline gives back valuable time that employees need, particularly while navigating Covid-19. 

Zipline is proud to work with two of the biggest C-store brands in the nation and we are passionate about overcoming the challenges that brands like yours are facing today. 

We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help you to streamline store communications and task management. Through our work, we help retailers to engage associates, ensure health and safety compliance, and drive execution. 

*Data from Coyle Hospitality Group 2020 Survey

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