America’s Best Retailers 2023 are Powered by Zipline

August 11, 2023

Newsweek just released their list of America’s Best Retailers for the year- and with no surprise, the list is full of best-in-class retailers that we’re proud to work with every day as they continue to knock their operational excellence goals out of the park!

From local gems to nationwide favorites, these retailers have shown the world what it takes to stand out in the shopping game. We’ve had the privilege of supporting them behind the scenes, and let us tell you, it’s been nothing short of amazing to see their dedication and hard work pay off. Without further ado, here are some of the best retailers in the US that we are honored to partner with!

L.L. Bean

In 1912, an avid outdoorsman named Leon Leonwood Bean set out to make a boot to keep hunters’ feet warm and dry. His ingenuity sparked the beginning of one of the most successful family-run businesses in the United States: L.L.Bean.

Over a hundred years later, store associates across L.L.Bean’s more than 50 retail locations keep L.L.’s core values alive, including dedication to quality, customer service, and a love of the outdoors.

It’s only natural that a company with such a rich heritage and singular mission would seek out the most passionate individuals to comprise its frontline workforce. Associates, or “Store Guides” as they’re called at L.L.Bean, are held to high standards – tasked with not only sharing their knowledge of the outdoors with customers, but also with upholding merchandise presentation standards, promoting company programs, and handling day-to-day operations.

Learn how L.L.Bean was able to cascade communication all the way down to their Store Guides (frontline associates), ultimately driving retention: How L.L.Bean uses Zipline to drive world-class store execution and frontline employee retention

The Fresh Market

After the founders of The Fresh Market returned from a trip to Europe, they were inspired to bring the warmth, soul, and charm of open European food markets to Greensboro, North Carolina. The Fresh Market was 1982’s boutique food shopping experience in the midst of warehouse-style supermarket popularity.

Today, with 159 locations in 22 states, The Fresh Market still provides an intimate and personalized shopping experience unique to their class. In fact, The Fresh Market has been the winner of the USA Today’s leaderboard as the “Best Supermarket in America” for several years in a row!

Now, with Zipline, the brand engages its 5,000-plus team members, enabling communications to flow from HQ to stores, creating less friction for store operations, and driving better experiences for shoppers. Read more about how The Fresh Market deployed ZIpline to streamline communications via The Progressive Grocer.

American Signature Furniture

American Signature Inc., a family-founded, family-led furniture business, has implemented Zipline in 125 stores with the aim of bringing its more than 4,000 team members closer to the company’s vision, driving efficiency and impact across all store locations.

With Zipline, they are taking that commitment to the next level by amplifying that incredible culture, creating and enhancing retail operations, store planning, and delivering an even better customer experience.

We’re proud to be working with such an innovative and dynamic retailer, connecting over 4,000 employees across their home office, stores.

Chain Store Age sat down with Suzanne Kiggin, VP of operations & customer experience at ASI, about the company’s corporate communications and store operations technology strategy- check out her exclusive Q&A with Dan Berthiaume! Check out the work we’re doing with ASI in this amazing video, too!

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (AEO) has been a leading, global specialty retailer for more than forty years. With strong omnichannel capabilities centered around a successful store organization, the company looked to strengthen communications with its American Eagle and Aerie stores, seeking a platform that could empower the organization and provide a seamless solution to fit its needs.

AEO is a company dedicated to innovation, which it reflects through its AE and Aerie brands. With Zipline, AEO can amplify that mission. Today, with Zipline fully implemented, the AEO store communication team has a singular platform that allows them to remain connected and agile, streamlining communication and task management.

Check out how AEO made store comms a competitive differentiator!

In a retail landscape that’s constantly evolving, it’s no small feat to be recognized as one of America’s Best Retailers. Each of these exceptional companies has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch support to their employees, resulting in outstanding service, and memorable shopping experiences.

These best-in-class brands’ dedication to connecting, empowering, and streamlining store communications through Zipline is a testament to their commitment to staying ahead in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

We’re proud to have partnered with these trailblazing retailers, supporting their efforts behind the scenes as they continue to shine in the industry.

Zipline is how best-in-class retailers bring brand strategies to life in stores. A unified platform for operational excellence, Zipline brings together frontline communications, task management, resources, insights, and more—so everyone feels connected to the brand and inspired by their work. Today, nearly 80 brands like Sephora, Rite Aid, and American Eagle Outfitters depend on Zipline to align and empower their store teams worldwide. Reach out to learn how Zipline can help you become a “Best Retailer” today.  

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