Total Retail Tech 2023

September 11-13 | Denver, CO

Join Zipline at Total Retail Tech!

Total Retail Tech is a free, all-inclusive event that brings select retail executives who oversee technology and marketing strategy together to learn from industry experts and each other in a small-group setting. Through compelling content, peer-to-peer exchanges, and one-to-one meetings, Total Retail Tech offers attendees a unique and valuable learning experience.

🎤 We’ll be joined by a special guest for a short presentation! 

Riding the Engagement Wave with World Market

Jeremy Baker

CTO and CO-Founder of Zipline

Even Wayne

CIO of World Market


When Evan Wayne, CIO of World Market, saw the way that Zipline was boosting store teams’ engagement, he knew that was just the beginning of what they could achieve. When he expanded the partnership with Zipline, World Market unlocked new levels of organizational alignment.

In this fireside chat, he sits down with Jeremy Baker, CTO and Co-Founder of Zipline, to discuss how he’s leveraged Zipline as a partner to expand from empowering retail teams to aligning the entire organization from HQ to frontlines, harnessing engagement across the organization, and driving impactful store experiences.


Wednesday, September 13, 8:35 am GMT