Readying for Retail’s Return – On Demand

June 17, 2021

As lockdowns lift and vaccinations become more widespread, we can all feel the balance shift. Retail is preparing for recovery.

People everywhere are looking forward to their pre-pandemic behaviors, which includes in-store shopping. However, are retailers prepared to meet this predicted increased consumer demand for in-store shopping? Shoppers, while feeling more confident, still prioritize safe and convenient experiences. It’s up to retailers, and their front-line store teams, to deliver on that expectation.

That’s why we sat down for a conversation with retail voices Joice Wirkus, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Big Lots, and Brian Wehrle, Director of Store Experience for Rite Aid. Zipline’s own Head of Content, Emily Lane, and Editor-in-Chief of Total Retail, Joe Keenan led the discussion.

Tune in for a conversation about:

  • what retailers should be thinking about as they prepare their stores for increased traffic levels;
  • how to ensure you’re creating a trustworthy and safe in-store shopping environment;
  • the role of communication in ensuring store teams are remaining compliant with corporate policies on in-store safety protocols;
  • how consistent communication across a retailer’s store network can improve operations, and the impact that has on customer experience; and
  • much more!
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