The Summer Camp 2022 Award Lineup is here!

July 28, 2022

☀️ The sun is shining bright this summer, and so are these incredible customers who were recognized at Summer Camp 2022! 

Customer events are an important way that we can tap into the insights shared by our extraordinary community of customers. Zipline Summer Camp is an incredible customer conference that we host annually – and no other vendor has anything like it! Summer Camp is an amazing way for the trailblazers who use our platform to share ideas, stories, and thought leadership. 

We want to 🍍tropic like it’s hot and 🐚 shell-ebrate these incredible winners!

Best Readership

These Zipliners have achieved the highest percentage of messages read by at least 1 team member of a location within 24 hours of publication. Now we’d call that a beach read! 🏝 📖⛱ 


Family Farm & Home

Best Engagement

These Zipline superstars claim the highest average message reach and team activity in their instance of Zipline. Reach is the average percentage of users reading communications- reach for a daiquiri and cheers to that! 🍹 🌴 🍻


Kitchen Stuff Plus

Best Execution

These Zipline users are responsible for the highest percentage of tasks completed before their due dates! We sea you! 🌊⛵️🐚


L.L. Bean

Best Operational Health

These Zipliners have a winning combo of the highest proprietary execution, readership, and engagement! They are each one in a watermelon! 🍉



Huge thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Summer Camp and congratulations to these exceptional members of the Zipline family. A great tool is exceptional when leveraged by superstar users like these. We love the way you leverage Zipline to engage frontlines, align store teams, and streamline operations. 

Although we closed the books on Summer Camp 2022, we’re still buzzing from the connections made and discussions had! 🐝 Our engagement with customers gives us a good pulse on how our product is working and how receptive users are to new features and updates we launch. We can’t wait for Summer Camp 2023… Get ready to make s’mores!

Remember, when you join the Zipline family, you get more than just amazing software. You get the industry’s best service and support. Join countless top-tier retailers who are powered by Zipline, today.

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