NRF 2024: Your Best NRF Yet!

Here’s your personalized guide to NRF 2024

December 18, 2023

The countdown for Retail’s Big Show is ON! There are just four weeks until NRF opens in NYC, and this year there are even more ways to get your fix while at Javits! Not everyone’s perfect NRF is the same, so we want to make sure you can craft your ideal experience.

Select the phrase that most resonates with your NRF approach, and we’ll recommend the perfect lineup for your style!

🤝 I’m here to network

🧠 I’m here to learn

🥯 I’m here to eat, drink, and party

🏈 I’m bummed I’m missing the NFL Playoffs

💻 I can’t make it this year

🤝 Networking is my jam

You’ve selected this option because, let’s face it, you’re never not networking! You’re likely already peeking at the expo floor map and plotting the most efficient way to visit your top booths and still hit all of the best end-of-day social events and the after-after show vendor parties! 

You’ve been reaching out to your contacts on LinkedIn for weeks now, and you’re filling your calendar and refilling your hand sanitizer to prepare for the powerful handshakes and important conversations that NRF has to offer. 

We’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a lineup of retail professionals from best-in-class brands at our booth just so that they can be available to share ideas with you and your peers. You’re not just making connections – you’re building future partnerships. Here’s where you can spark those pivotal interactions:

Stop by booth #5157 and chat face-to-face with top-tier retail leaders who keep their store teams on track day after day:

Eric Wardian | Sr. Manager, Store Communications at Pacsun

Eric Buff | Retail Operations and Innovation Manager at Visionworks 

Abbey White | Senior Manager, Retail Operations & Training Company at TravisMathew

Sasha Ludwig-Siegel | Sr Manager, Retail Communications & Training Company at Warby Parker

Nicki Fountain | Director, Retail Communications at Sephora 

Meredith Anton | VP of Information Technology at Parallel

Drop us a line if you want to join Zipline, along with our partners Legion and MarketDial, for a happy hour at S Bar (just a 5 min walk from Javits) on Monday after the show!

🧠 I’m packing my learning cap

You’re ready to attend NRF as the human equivalent of a sponge! You’re headed to NYC with your eyes and ears wide open, your fingers warmed up, and ready for vigorous note-taking. We’d guess that you’ve already made a list of all of the speakers you definitely don’t want to miss on the big stage, and you’re scouring all of the speaker bios for intel. You’re just hungry for thought leadership, insights into retail trends, and the latest buzz in technology and resources for retail professionals. We see you!

Here are a couple of sessions and events that you can soak up:

Big Ideas Sessions: 

Strengthening the Storefront: AEO Inc.’s Blueprint for Operational Excellence with Marc Lambo, Vice President of Store Operations at AEO Inc.

Discover how AEO built a resilient brand culture, aligning every team member with core values. It’s not just about selling; it’s about building a legacy.

Monday, January 15 from 12:30 – 1:15pm ET

Check it out!

Maximizing Store Potential: How PacSun, TravisMathew, & Visionworks Build a Thriving Retail Culture

Get the inside scoop on what it takes to build a thriving culture from a panel of best-in-class retail brand leaders. Learn how to foster communication, (friendly) competition, and brand consistency.
Tuesday, January 16 from 10:15 – 11:00am ET

Check it out!

Alo + Zipline: Retail Harmony:

Get a peek behind the scenes at Alo at this in-store experience curated specifically for our friends in retail. Join your fellow retail professionals for breakfast before heading to NRF. The best part is you’ll hear from Alo’s communication team, field leadership, and store management on how they use Zipline to achieve a memorable guest experience. (We have limited space available, so secure your spot!)

😋 I’m packing my party pants (and they’re stretchy!)

You’re headed to The Big Apple, and you want to take your bite out of it!  You’re going to make the most out of your trip, and you’re packing your stretchiest pants. Why would you go to The Capital of the World, home to some of the most incredible cuisine in the globe, just to eat conference center food? We totally agree. 

Booth #5157 is your Bagel stop!

That’s why we’ve got everything you need at our booth- everything bagels, that is! From store comms to cream cheese, we’ve got you covered. Take a rest and grab a chewy NYC bagel and cream cheese served up from Tompkins Square Bagels.

🏈  NRF is great, but it’s the post-season!!

You’re going to the Big Show with perspective about what is really important- enjoying the last few Sundays of football season! Tackling retail execution trends is important but you just want to tackle a tailgate party that weekend. While store leaders talk about how to win over customers, you don’t want to miss game-winning plays. We get it, and we don’t think you should have to choose between touch-bases and touchdowns, either.

Here’s your NRF gameplan (literally): reTAILGATE!

That’s right- come catch the game with us! You don’t have to choose between the NFL and the NRF. We’ll be streaming the playoffs with tailgate food and drinks, plus raffling off a great prize. Whether you’re a football fanatic or not so much, bring your A-Game to kick off the NRF fun!

We’ll tackle the snacks and drinks! All you have to do is come kick it on Sunday, January 14 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at our partner Legion’s booth #6501 (3rd floor). We’ll be streaming the playoffs with tailgate food and drinks, plus raffling off a great prize! 

💻 Can’t Make it to NRF this year?

We’ve got you! Catch the action from the frontlines by following us on LinkedIn for live updates!
Even if you’re not heading to NYC, you can still experience the magic of the big show from home! Book a virtual meeting, and we’ll share our notes from the top sessions, plus you’ll get some exclusive swag sent straight from the showroom floor to you at home!

Book a virtual meeting and  follow along from home!

🗽 See you at NRF in NYC!

Bonus adventure: check out these experiential, experimental, and innovative retailers in the city!
There is still so much to explore! Connect with Zipline at NRF to learn how best-in-class brands bring corporate strategies to life in stores.

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