Lush’s Plan to Grow is the (Bath) Bomb

And we’re SOAP excited to be a part of it!

April 11, 2022

Just like with everything else the brand builds, Lush thoughtfully builds their customer journey from the inside out (and only with the freshest ingredients)!

From transforming their communications during the global pandemic, to ramping up for their next wave of ambitious growth, the brand has been constantly prioritizing customer engagement… and they believe that begins with the store associate.  

Here are a few ways that Lush is growing to new heights (and how Zipline will help Lush to reach them): 

Growing physical retail spaces & experiences

According to Marketing Week, Lush plans to add new shops and expand/relocate existing spaces to accommodate growth. And this tracks with what we’ve seen in retail. Physical stores are still a vital part of the retail experience… and they aren’t going anywhere. Here at Zipline we call it the future of retail: brick-and-mortar stores that are thoughtfully placed and reinvented as part of a true omnichannel strategy.

Lush is affirming that retail success in this new era means making physical locations work harder than ever—in the physical and the virtual worlds.  And while the brand’s physical footprint expands, the carbon footprint won’t! Focusing on carbon and emissions insetting (rather than offsetting), the international brand will continue to make a difference. 

In addition to expanding physical offerings, Lush is connecting powerful experiences to those new-and-improved locations. We love this new in-store bath-bomb-party experience that Lush locations are offering… In fact, we got to co-host an event during Shoptalk last month with our friends at Lush! Check out Lush Parties– we thought it was a total blast. 

People-first, always

Big thank you to Zipline family Lush North America for hosting our event during Shoptalk 2022! You’re the (bath) bomb. 🛁 💣

Lush has been invested in supporting store teams since long before COVID-19 brought the operational need for retail communications to light. The organization carries its mission to better the world all the way down to frontline employees. With Zipline, the brand has a direct line to in-store staff, connecting in-store operations to the greater mission, and engaging employees directly. 

On a recent episode of the the RETHINK Retail Podcast, Sandra Byrne, senior manager for Lush Cosmetics shared her insight:

“I’m a believer that you put the team, your people in the front, in the center of everything. Then they treat your customers how you want them to be treated. So I don’t put the customer right in the center. It’s all about the people. So we’ll look at their development, making sure that they’re on the right track. Even making sure, if it’s a few days before payday, have we got a nice, hot lunch for them. And getting to know them, knowing what their skills are, knowing what their talents are.”

And sure enough, by aligning their entire fleet, Lush ensures those powerful brand values can be reflected at every level of their organization. 

Fresh & ethical social entrepreneurship

There’s no question– we are in a world of social revolution. Today’s most remarkable leaders aren’t just innovating, but stepping into a role as stewards of important causes that create a better future. We’ve been dreaming of an era where the collaboration of purpose and profit brings about lasting and systemic change. That change begins with organizations that are dedicated to progress.

Lush is on a mission to provide fresh and organic products with a powerful ethos– and they are communicating that message to consumers. ZIpline is here to help the beautiful brand on their mission by providing a platform for real-time communications between headquarters and store teams, who are then conveying product stories to customers. 

And as Lush accelerates their growth… they, in turn, accelerate their mission.

At Zipline, we’re dedicated to providing resources to socially-minded brands that are innovating solutions and scale for maximum impact.  Whether your cause is saving the planet, creating a culture of unity and inclusion, or social activism, start making an impact today.

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