Litigation and Retail – Protecting Your Brand From Harm

August 10, 2020

Agency investigations. Disgruntled employees. Hostile customers. If you’re like most retailers, the threat of litigation is something you contend with regularly. With a pandemic still running rampant while stores reopen, many retailers are looking for software solutions to protect them from potential lawsuits.

Unfortunately, more than half of retail companies still use manual methods – like email and spreadsheets – to track compliance and (in the event of a pending investigation) conduct a legal hold. This approach is time-consuming at best, and unnecessarily risky at worst. 

Think about it: Would you trust a District Manager to keep copies of all of their correspondence with a store? Do you really know if a store manager read those new policy changes?

Fortunately, Retail Zipline is designed to reduce risk and save retailers money by shortening investigations, providing a single source of truth, making it easy to demonstrate compliance, and substantially reducing the likelihood of being hit with huge fines or difficult lawsuits.

Everything is preserved.

Zipline’s infrastructure, systems, and data management procedures are compliant with legal holds at all times. That’s because all data entered into the system – such as group messages, file uploads, tasks, assessments, and more – is preserved throughout the lifetime of a customer’s contract. Backups of the application database are taken daily.

Everything is tracked.

Fully auditable event logs are kept of all actions and events in the application (like when a task was created, when it was completed, or when a Resource Library item was uploaded, and who it was uploaded by.) This audit log exists independently of the database, ensuring it cannot be changed or tampered with by a Zipline user or support personnel.

You can rest easy.

Retail Zipline does not have any data disposal processes in place for the lifetime of the customer contact. Data is retained for a further two years after the contract has ended, to assist with security incidents or legal investigations which the customer may become aware of after terminating use of the service.

Want to learn more about how Zipline can help track compliance? Reach out for a demo today.

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