How Zipline Differentiates With Customer Support

March 4, 2021

Stephanie Hoang, Customer Support Specialist

When we speak with customers, one of the compliments we routinely receive is that the Zipline support team goes above and beyond each and every day to exceed customers’ expectations. So in this blog post, we interview Stephanie Hoang, one of Zipline’s customer support specialists about Zipline’s unique approach to support and why that translates to a monthly average of 97.7% customer satisfaction.

Before we jump into the interview, it’s important to note that Zipline doesn’t charge for customer support or limit customers to a certain number of requests. Many customers who come to us from competing solutions are blown away by the fact that they no longer have to support the fleet’s questions around using the communications and task management platform. In fact, support at Zipline is open to all existing piloting and paying customers. It is accessed by clicking the pink bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. 

What type of support do you provide?

Support can take on many forms, from assisting customers with the setup of the platform to educating them on best practices to troubleshooting. We also spend time documenting feedback since it’s important for us to make sure our end users are heard and that we have an always-on channel for feedback. At Zipline, we pride ourselves on our white-glove, boutique-like standard of service which has led to our outstanding NPS and customer retention. 

What’s the goal of the support team?

Each time a support ticket is closed, we want the customer to feel like their questions are answered, their feedback has been heard, and they understand the benefits of Zipline and how it can help them grow their business.

What’s your response time?

Last month our average was less than 90 seconds. We’re competitive responders and we strive for an instant response time. Because we use chat, we never want to keep our customers waiting – this is extremely crucial and valuable to all our users. If we aren’t able to respond with an answer right away, we don’t leave them hanging. We let them know that we will circle back to them with a response when we have one. 

How does your team staff support?

Unlike companies that outsource the support function, our team is 100% Zipline. This is a benefit to our customers because, in addition to having retail experience and being experts on the platform, we are pretty good at understanding what end-users are asking and why they’re asking it. We make it quick and easy for them to get the help they need so they can get back to doing their jobs. 

Where is the support team located? 

Like the rest of Zipline, we are a fully distributed team! I happen to be in Calgary but my teammates are located around the globe for optimal support coverage. The fact that we’re located all over the world means when I’m waking up and logging in, David is fast asleep and likely having the pink bubble dreams that I know we all have. 

What makes Zipline support unique?

Unlike other services that use a ticketing system, we recognize that when our customers need help, they need it NOW. So we communicate with our users in real-time, using chat. This gives us the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly. And, since we’re all Zipliners, we love to build rapport… and that includes liberal use of emojis and GIFs 😎

What’s your favorite GIF?

We recently published a blog post about feedback. How does the support team support Zipline’s culture of feedback?

We rely on strong customer relationships, built through support, for field buy-in and product feedback. Our engagement with customers gives us a good pulse on how our product is working and how receptive users are to new features and updates we launch. We regularly share this feedback with the product and engineering teams, as well as the business teams at Zipline on a monthly basis. Our feedback is taken into consideration when building out our Product Roadmap for future releases, improvements and updates. It’s so rewarding for our team to see our customers’ suggestions and feedback reflected in the product.

What’s your team’s support philosophy?

We always want our users’ experience in support to be Better Than Expected (BTA) and, when possible, we want to Blow Them Away with an above and beyond style of support.

Can you share some feedback that you have received from customers?

Here are just a few comments we received last month:

In the immortal words of Tina Turner, ‘simply the best.’

 The Support Crew does such an incredible job of making me feel like I’m the only customer Zipline has. They always cater their resolutions to <client> and take the time to thoroughly understand my issue and what I’m trying to accomplish. Great job always!

Always such a treat seeing Chris on Intercom! He’s so helpful and knowledgeable and just an overall delight to work with. Thanks Chris!

It is always a pleasure talking with Chelsea, she re-ensures me I am not talking to a robot or getting automatic replies based on a question I ask.

David was extremely helpful and really went above and beyond what I would expect. Thank you!

At Retail Zipline, we’re dedicated to supporting you and your stores with service beyond the software. Schedule time with us to share what you’re looking for in a store execution and communication platform.

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