Five Awesome Things at the New Amazon Store

June 13, 2022

Jake 🐾 and Sales Director, Ben Vincent

This is Ben! Ben visited the first-ever Amazon Style, Amazon’s physical store for men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. The flagship store is the brand’s flagship brick-and-mortar, where the brand is reimagining the in-store shopping experience… and customers can manage every step on their phones! At Zipline, we’re big fans of experiential, experimental, and innovative in-store shopping concepts and Amazon Style delivers on all three fronts! 

Ben stopped into the Glendale Galleria and told us all about his favorite parts of the new concept! Check out our five favorite things about the Amazon Style store!

QR codes… everywhere!

From ordering items to selecting different sizes in the fitting rooms, shoppers can access everything from their phones! In fact, there are no sizes available for anything on the showroom floor. If you want to try something on, you just scan the QR code on the item and select the option you’d like, and it shows up in your fitting room. (Shoppers receive a notification when the room is ready. 

Interactive fitting rooms

Even once customers are in the dressing room, the experience continues seamlessly. Continue shopping for new looks, browse curated suggestions and options based on preferences from a touchscreen. Want to request something else to try on? No problem, add it on the screen, and an employee delivers your item to the fitting room closet. It really is the best of shopping in-store and online, combined into one!

Browse & discover new styles

From “in” trends (throwback to Y2K 💿🛸🛼📼!) to influencer pics, to most-loved fashion picks on, plus items from known brands, the sleek store layout makes it easy to explore new outfits and get ideas! 

Clutter-free, futuristic showroom

Since the store floor serves purely as a showroom, the store feels open, futuristic, and clean! No clutter, no need to dig through racks to hunt for a specific size; the Amazon Style store will do all of that for you, seamlessly, behind the scenes!

Helpful, friendly associates!

Amazon Style is shaking up the physical retail store game, and associates have to be the face of this futuristic way of shopping! At the front of the house, associates aren’t just answering questions about fashion; they’re also ambassadors for the technology involved in the experience. At the back of the house, they are making magic happen, quickly and seamlessly delivering inventory behind the scenes. So, it’s no surprise that these associates, the face of the operations, are doing it all with a smile! Technology might be the name of the game, but the employees are truly the heart of the whole operation. 

Here at Zipline, we’re here for retail’s in-person renaissance, so count on us to try on every groundbreaking virtual, mobile, or omnichannel experience! Zipline is proud to work with the brands of the future, helping run stores like these that are redefining what “shopping” means in today’s modern retail environment. We’re dedicated to providing resources to trailblazing brands that are innovating the future at maximum scale. Start innovating today.

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