An Update from Zipline

June 8, 2020

Over the last week, we’ve been discussing and questioning how we have come to this point in history. In small groups and in all-company meetings, we have been educating ourselves and discussing how Zipline can help make a difference. Before speaking publicly, we wanted to ensure that definitive actions were underway so our words would be meaningful and not hollow. But we realize that the movement needs every voice and we don’t have the luxury of staying silent while developing an action plan.

Black Lives Matter. 

We want to use our voice to help amplify those who have gone unheard for too long. Change begins with learning. As a foundational step, we are providing employees with education, resources and a safe space to have the difficult conversations about systemic racism in our communities. These steps, while small, are necessary to drive long term change and end racism. 

As a company, we know we need to go further. We are committed to developing a measurable action plan and reporting out publicly, each quarter, to ensure we are accountable to our employees and the communities we serve. 

We are saddened by the events that led us to this point. We do, however, see hope in the work that so many people are doing to create a better world and we look forward to playing an active role ourselves. 


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