A visit to Nike’s first North American RISE store

A bright new addition to the sunny city of Miami

February 7, 2023

Simon from Zipline 👋

Miami may be sunny, but it just got a lot cooler. Nike has opened the first North American location of the Rise concept store in Miami’s Aventura mall. This new location signals the next phase of retail growth for the continuously-expanding brand, and the first location in the US after previously establishing locations in China, South Korea, and London.

Simon Batistoni, Director of Platform Engineering, and local Miami Zipliner, paid a visit to the latest Nike store in town. From the moment he stepped inside, he knew that this was going to be a unique shopping experience. 

Nike’s emphasis on diversity, culture, and equality is stitched into everything they do – and the Rise store is no exception. With mannequins and promotional imagery showcasing bodies in all shapes and sizes, the store brings the slogan “if you have a body, you’re an athlete” comes to life in the best way.

The merchandise was carefully curated and displayed in a spacious, boutique-like setting, and with digital displays throughout the store and around the entranceways, the space is a physical and virtual expression of the brand. Miami pride is on full display with a strong emphasis on local team colors and custom local-themed pieces, specifically the 305 area code, tying the store’s aesthetic together and giving it a sense of sleek modernism.

The biggest “wow” factor, though, is how the store’s exterior de-emphasizes the merchandise, relying purely on the strength of the brand to draw customers in. It’s such a bold and interesting next step from the Apple Store’s sleekly quiet, minimal storefronts. Because the glass all around both floors of the stores has this “prism” effect, you can only make out odd outlines and shapes of merchandising posters or items within the store. It’s dazzlingly kaleidoscopic and utterly unique.

Next time you’re in the Aventura Mall, make sure to stop by the Nike Rise Concept Store and see what all the buzz is about!

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