5 Reasons to Switch Up Your Retail Communications

Why Zipline beats Reflexis any day

January 2, 2024

Ever found yourself fighting with a clunky communication tool? Navigating complicated workflows, decoding counter-intuitive processes, or dealing with unreliable tech support?

You’re not alone. Many folks using Reflexis have been there, done that. 

Fortunately, Zipline solves all these pain points and more. Simply put: it’s significantly better than Reflexis. Brands like American Eagle, Sephora, and Speedway have made the switch and have seen readership and execution rates skyrocket to above 90%.

Let’s take a stroll through the Zipline experience and see why it’s a game-changer for Reflexis users:

Goodbye, Unnecessary Tasks

In Reflexis, communications (or “projects”) must all have at least one task. But at Zipline, we know that not every message requires action. Sometimes, messages are simple FYIs, like a letter from the CEO or a celebratory note about a new store opening.

So, instead of cluttering store teams’ to-do lists with meaningless “read this message” tasks, Zipline built a better way. Publishers can send what they need, when they need it, task or no task. It’s all about keeping things straightforward and fuss-free.

Prioritizing Made Easy

Retailers often think every communication is “urgent” – and that’s doubly true if the company is a Reflexis user, where the only two prioritization options are “standard” or “urgent.” But drowning in urgent alerts isn’t just overwhelming – it means teams start to ignore the label entirely. 

In the Zipline world, messages get the attention they deserve – no more, no less. With clear labels ranging from “low” to “normal” to “important” to “critical,” teams knows exactly what to tackle first… especially since their prioritization categories impact how tasks and messages show up on to-do lists. 

Field Leaders: In Control and Informed

For field leaders like DMs or RDs, getting a handle on store comms in Reflexis can feel like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Not to mention – the platform is not particularly mobile-friendly.

That’s why Zipline’s intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports give leaders the full picture – every message, task, and update at their fingertips. Daily email updates make sure everybody in your hierarchy has the information that’s most relevant for them. DMs and RDs can lead with confidence. 

Day-to-Day Made Better

Store teams are the superheroes of retail, so why do so many task management platforms prevent them from taking control of their own day?

Sure, it’s important for HQ to assign tasks to specific roles, but an Operations team at corporate doesn’t have real-time visibility into traffic patterns, call-outs, local weather, or other issues that can throw off a store team’s rhythm. 

That’s why, unlike Reflexis, Zipline arms teams with tools like the Day Sheet. It’s not just a daily roll-up of tasks, but also the “central” hub for the store – managers and associates can jot down notes, re-assign tasks, and even set up their own store to-dos. 

A Community of Retail Enthusiasts

Joining Zipline isn’t just about using a new tool; it’s about becoming part of a vibrant community. And we’re proud to say we have the best community of store comms and ops professionals in the business.

Summer Camp is our biggest annual customer event centered on community building, conversation, and connection within the Zipline family. This year, we invited our Zipline champions IRL for two jam-packed days full of Zipline product updates, best practices, customer-led presentations and panels, and more.

Why Zipline is the Preferred Choice

What makes a platform stand out in the crowded world of retail technology? It’s not just about flashy features – it’s about real, tangible benefits that make your daily grind smoother:

  • User-Friendly: An intuitive interface that ensures high adoption rates.
  • Efficient for Store Ops: Streamlines content creation and distribution.
  • Supportive for IT: Quick implementation and reliable in-app support.
  • Retail-Focused: Designed to address specific challenges in retail.

We’ve also seen it first-hand. In the wake of acquisitions, companies often face challenges with employee retention and satisfaction, leading to a decline in customer support. With its stable and focused team, Zipline ensures unparalleled support and consistency for our clients.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Zipline is here to make it happen. Join the ranks of happy retailers who’ve made the switch from Reflexis and haven’t looked back. Let’s chat and get you on the path to smoother, simpler retail operations. Your team (and your sanity) will thank you!

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